Business, Accounting & Economics Minors

The Otterbein BAE Department offers minors in accounting, business administration & management, economics, finance, international business & management, marketing, and marketing analytics. These minors provide an excellent addition to any of our business majors.

Minor in Accounting

A minor in accounting provides an excellent addition to any of the business majors. It is also particularly attractive to non-majors that are considering working for themselves or in small businesses. Accounting is vital to the overall day-to-day operations and management of any organization. A minor in accounting requires :

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Minor in Business Administration

A minor in business administration adds knowledge and skills for those looking for a general business background. This minor is a nice complement to the accounting, public accounting, finance, economics, and marketing degrees. Since this minor provides knowledge in the basic core concepts of business operation, it is very beneficial for non-business majors as well. Requirements include:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Microeconomics OR Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Business Finance
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing

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Minor in Economics

A minor in economics is considered an excellent complement to other majors such as Business Administration, Accounting, International Studies, and Political Science. A minor requires 20 semester credit hours. As part of the minor, you must take the following courses: Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics Analysis, Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis, and an economics elective course.

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Minor in Finance

Finance is a minor that is a natural fit with the accounting and economics majors. A minor in finance also adds to your skills and knowledge in basic finance, which gives you an advantage in all fields of business. This minor consists of Financial Accounting, Principles of Microeconomics OR Principles of Macroeconomics, Business Finance, and two electives chosen from the following: Money and Banking, International Finance, Intermediate Corporate Finance, Investments, Options and Futures, and Case Studies in Finance.

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Minor in Marketing

Like the major, the marketing minor focuses on the creation and maintenance of exchange relationships. A minor in marketing in complementary for many business majors, particularly for business administration, international business, and management. Non-majors interested in the promotion of products or services within their field or in public relations should think strongly about a marketing minor. The requirements for this minor are: Financial Accounting, Business Communication, Principles of Marketing, Research in Behavioral Theories, and Advertising and Promotion.

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Minor in Marketing Analytics

The Marketing Analytics minor links managerial recommendations to quantified support. Students learn skills related to analysis, writing, presentation, and business statistics. The Marketing Analytics minor is ideal for students who are majoring in Economics, Finance, or Journalism & Media Communication.

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Minor in Sport Management

Sport Management is an interdisciplinary field of study which emphasizes a broad understanding of both sport and business. The goal of the Sport Management minor is to encourage the development of this interdisciplinary knowledge base and provide the students with the practical skills necessary for successful careers in management, promotion, administration, marketing, organizing and leading a sport business or organization.

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