Health & Sport Science Minors

Minors in nutrition and sport management are offered in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor on adding a minor.

Minor in Nutrition

The Nutrition Minor provides a deeper understanding of the role of nutrition in promoting healthy lifestyles. Students gain a scientific nutrition foundation and apply nutrition principles to health, wellness, obesity and weight management programs; disease prevention; and sports performance.

Students will be prepared to critically evaluate nutrition research, theory and popular nutrition media messages as it relates to their chosen major.

The current trend in health care emphasizes wellness and prevention. Adding a nutrition minor to your degree will give you valuable credentials as the demand for nutrition-savvy health professionals is increasing.

The study of nutrition science also lays a solid foundation for graduate school work in nutrition, dietetics, public health, allied health, exercise physiology, and other related health fields. In addition, students pursuing graduate degrees in nursing can strengthen their nutrition knowledge and application by taking additional nutrition courses.

Students will typically enroll in the first course for the Nutrition Minor, Foundations of Nutrition, during their sophomore year. The remaining courses can be taken during either their junior or senior year to accommodate for internships and other course requirements for their major. Upon completion of the required semester courses (20 credit hours), students will be candidates for the Minor in Nutrition.

Minor in Sport Management

Sport Management is an interdisciplinary field of study which emphasizes a broad understanding of both sport and business. The goal of the Sport Management minor is to encourage the development of this interdisciplinary knowledge base and provide the students with the practical skills necessary for successful careers in management, promotion, administration, marketing, organizing and leading a sport business or organization.

Sport Management Curriculum Requirements
SMGT 1800 Professional Perspectives in Sport Management – 3 hrs
SMGT 4800 Leadership & Ethics – 3 hrs
Choose 4
SMGT 1400 Sport Law – 3 hrs
SMGT 2450 Sociology of Sport (Writing Intensive) – 3 hrs
SMGT 2550 Psychology of Sport – 3 hrs
SMGT 2600 Global Perspectives in Sport (Pre-Req: SMGT 1800) – 3 hrs
SMGT 2900 Practicum in Sport Management (Pre-Req: SMGT 1800) – 3 hrs
SMGT 3550 Finance and Economics of Sport (Pre-Req: SMGT 1800) – 3 hrs
SMGT 3850 Sport Marketing (Pre-Req: SMGT 1800) (Writing Intensive) – 3 hrs
SMGT 3920 Special Event Planning (Pre-Req: SMGT 1800) – 3 hrs
SMGT 3930 Sport Facility Design and Management (Pre-Req: SMGT 1800) – 3 hrs
TOTAL: 18 hours