Psychology professor Meredith Frey holds high standards for professors, students alike

Posted Jan 12, 2023

By Grace Weidenhamer ’23

Meredith Frey
Meredith Frey

Student academic performance may be important, but Professor Meredith Frey believes a professor’s performance should be held to the same high standards, especially as an Otterbein professor.

Psychology professor Frey devotes her time outside of the classroom to researching human intelligence and cognitive performance, focusing on predicting academic achievement without relying on ACT and SAT scores.

While Frey’s research is motivated by the success of students, she finds herself just as motivated to improve her own success as an educator.

“What I like best about teaching at Otterbein is the students,” Frey said. “It is uniquely challenging teaching here. You can’t bring in anything less than your ‘A’ game. Students have high expectations for their professors.”

Prior to Otterbein, Frey had a unique path to get where she is today. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ursuline College. However, her journey did not begin at Ursuline.

“I actually attended Lakeland Community College as an engineering student,” Frey said. “Then I found myself at the U.S. Naval Academy for a brief time, and I mean a brief time. I quickly discovered that was not for me.”

Despite her unconventional journey, Frey went on to receive her master’s and PhD in psychology at Case Western Reserve University.

Frey also finds herself wearing many hats at Otterbein, some of which have made her a decorated award winner.

“I am the department chair for psychology and an administrator for sociology, criminology and justice studies,” Frey said, “as well as the acting advisor of Psi Chi, the international honors society for students in psychology.” 

Frey has been recognized with awards such as Otterbein’s New Teacher of the Year, the Mensa Research award and she is an inductee of Torch and Key.