Network Updates

Check this page periodically for official updates about the status of the campus network.

Important Phone Numbers:

Otterbein Switchboard 614-823-1250 (temporary)
Otterbein Police 614-823-1222
Office of Facilities 614-823-1300

Network Status Update: March 27, 2020

Information Technology Services (ITS) and Facilities Services at Otterbein have been working diligently to not only support new online learning protocols, but also recover our full network capabilities. They have made it possible for us to continue providing a quality education to our students during this challenging time, and we thank them for their hard work and dedication. We also thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we overcome these challenges.

Important Notice: Do not use any Otterbein-issued computers on campus before taking them to Information Technology Services.
If you have an Otterbein-issued laptop and have not dropped it off for cleaning, please do so by the end of Friday, March 20, if possible. Staff will be available on first floor Roush to collect them. If you cannot meet the Friday deadline, please drop it off at the Help Desk in the basement of Roush. Your computer will be cleaned and you may lose your files. If you have files you want to keep, copy them to OneDrive prior to drop off.

Network Service Updates

(Latest information appears at the top of the list):

  • WiFi: The OtterbeinU, Eduroam, and OtterbeinGuest WiFi networks are all available. Users who connect to OtterbeinGuest will be presented with terms and conditions. Accept these terms to connect to the Internet.
  • On-Campus Only:
    • Network printers are now accessible via wired (Ethernet) or wireless (OtterbeinU) connections to the campus network.
    • Shared drive spaces (OCHome) are now accessible via wired (Ethernet) or wireless (OtterbeinU) connections to the campus network. Users must reconnect using their Otterbein login information (not the temporary login given out during the crisis). Once a remote solution is completed, those limited users (approximately 200) will also be able to connect to shared drive space from off-campus. This is a solution for faculty, staff, ITS and others needing to complete business-critical work. Remaining  users will be able to access their files once the migration to SharePoint and OneDrive is completed.
  • Ozone is available at This link is also available in the navigation menu of the university website.
  • Banner Self Service is available for all staff at Hourly staff can use Self Service to submit their hours. Faculty can use it to manage students and their daily class activity.
  • Email and all Office365 apps are available. Open in your web browser and use your Otterbein username and password to log in.
  • Blackboard and Digication are available. If you do not have your temporary Blackboard password, please follow the instructions below.

Phone Service Updates

Our campus telephone system is online. This includes analog and VOIP telephones, automated attendants, emergency call boxes, and voicemail. Please log into your voicemail box, check for any new messages, and update your Otterbein University greeting.

There are three options for working remotely. Options and a sample greeting are as follows:

  1. Forward your campus phone to a departmental phone that is being monitored. Your departmental message should be the following:

“Thank you for calling the (office/department/division). Due to the current health crisis, our (staff and/or faculty) are working remotely. This voicemail is being monitored, so please leave a brief message and the appropriate person will call you back.”

  1. Commit to checking your campus voicemail remotely at least twice per week. Your greeting should follow this format:

“Thank you for calling (name and office). Due to the current health crisis, I am working remotely. This voicemail is being checked (how often?), so please leave a brief message and I will call you back.”

  1. Forward your campus phone to a personal cell or home number. Please consider updating your personal greeting to something that works both for personal and professional use:

“Thank you for calling (name and office). Please leave a brief message and I will call you back.”

Please consult your supervisor or Departmental Chair to determine the most appropriate choice for your specific work. Download the documents below for phone use instructions, including how to forward your campus phone number to another and how to check voicemail or change your greeting remotely:

Anyone with issues or concerns may contact the Office of Facilities Services at (614) 823-1300. Some services may not be available after hours. These short service interruptions are necessary to facilitate the installation of new equipment and software.

Network Status Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are still experiencing network difficulties. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk:

Phone: 614-823-3100

Which systems are currently available?

Wi-Fi: available campus-wide.

Otterbein email: accessible for all Otterbein community members with their Otterbein username and password.

OneDrive: accessible for all Otterbein community members with their Otterbein user name and password.

Self-Service Banner: accessible to faculty and staff with their Otterbein username and password.

Digication ePortfolio: accessible for all Otterbein community members with their Otterbein username and password.

Blackboard: Accessible using temporary passwords being distributed by Academic Affairs (faculty/staff) and Student Affairs (students). See below for more information.

Which online platforms should I use to move my class online or to work remotely with my team?

Consistent use of supported platforms not only aids tech support, it also provides a predictable user experience for the student body and staff. Use of multiple tools creates challenges for the student body and inhibits their ability to stay engaged with the University. Please use the supported tools for internal communication and when providing instruction to students. Information Technology Services and the Center for Teaching and Learning are recommending and supporting two platforms: Blackboard (Learn, Collaborate Ultra) and Microsoft Teams.

Please note that while other options are available, they are not officially supported by CTL and ITS.

Training videos and handouts for OneDrive and Microsoft Teams are also available at Topics include:

  • Best practices for working on files from home
  • How to move files into OneDrive
  • How to access your files and shared files in OneDrive
  • How to manage files in OneDrive
  • Working remotely with Office 365
  • Quick start for Teams
  • Access to and using the Teams app
  • An entire toolkit of video training offered by task/topic in Teams

To request support or schedule an online training session, complete the Cardinal Skills Builder Training Support Form.

How do I access Blackboard?

If you don’t yet have your temporary Blackboard password, please contact the Library by phone or email. Call 614-823-1235 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday. Email and give a phone number at which you can be reached. They will call you between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Eastern Time).

How can faculty get help with preparing online classes?

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has developed a LibGuide as a resource for academic continuity. The CTL will be operating remotely to continue serving as a resource to faculty on presenting courses through alternate methods. Please check the LibGuide for more information.

Is the Computer Help Desk in Roush available to assist me with my technology questions?

Help Desk staff are available in the basement of Roush Hall, but their phone extension is inactive. The Help Desk will be staffed as possible for those needing assistance.

How can I know what office telephone numbers are active?

Key offices on campus have operational phones. Numbers are posted at the bottom of this page.

Is the “Z” drive okay?

We think so. It appears to be recoverable.

When will the campus network and online services be working again?

Services will resume one by one as soon as possible, please check this page often for updates.

If I have a Macintosh computer, is it safe to use? When can I use it?

We believe that Macintosh computers were not corrupted. However, do not turn them on yet until ITS installs software to ensure protection of your machine. The virus appears to impact Windows only. If your computer hasn’t been checked yet, go to the Library or ITS. Faculty and staff only.

Do we know yet if hackers got PII (Personal Identifiable Information)?

Otterbein’s third-party computer forensic specialists identified the presence of a second piece of malware on certain University systems which has the ability to collect usernames and passwords saved on or entered into computers it infects. Therefore, we recommend that any online credentials, such as usernames and passwords, that were used on a University computer be changed immediately. This includes any personal sites like email, social media, PayPal, or bank accounts, that any employee, student, or anyone else, may have used. We recommend making this change on a non-University computer.

Network Status Email Archive

Click the links below or scroll down to see the initial email announcements about the campus network outage. Email announcements not featured below were incorporated into page content, above and were revised or removed as information became available or was no longer relevant.

Tuesday, March 10 - 6:02 pm

Faculty should expect to hear from their Department Chairs regarding meetings this week to plan for Academic Continuity.

On Wednesday, March 11, the Center for Teaching and Learning will be holding 3 informational sessions providing an overview of remote learning tools and how each can be used in teaching.

The session will be repeated at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm in Riley Auditorium of Battelle Hall.

Subsequent training for using these tools will be announced later.

Due to the network outage, if you know of any Faculty or Staff members that do not have access to email (and thus will not have received this message), please help us in letting them know about this important session so that they can be informed about remote learning tools that are available.

Thank you.

Office of Academic Affairs

Tuesday, March 10 - 11:17 am (FAQ)

Dear Otterbein Faculty, Staff and Students:

We are aware of the concern related to the coronavirus, COVID-19. An Otterbein task force continues to work closely with Franklin County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health regarding Otterbein’s response to the COVID-19. At this time, Franklin County has NOT recommended schools and universities close. Updates will follow shortly.

I am writing to provide an update regarding our network situation along with a list of FAQs. While many of the FAQs are specific to faculty and staff, I hope this information is helpful to all. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

On Friday afternoon Otterbein learned of a malware concern that has impacted most campus technology and immediately shut our systems down. As of this morning, the campus network, most phones, and other systems remain offline. All computers will remain off while we determine the level of risk and damage. Faculty are still teaching, but mostly without their typical technology. Students are understandably frustrated to be living without the internet.

Business partners at The Point are on a separate network and have been largely spared. We are also fortunate that our main student database (Banner) has not been corrupted but remains offline. Email was not infiltrated, though some are still unable to access their Otterbein accounts.

The Otterbein technology team is evaluating each individual computer to document the level of infection. We are working with a specialized team to help us evaluate this incident and restore our system. We are working with a professional organization to determine if personal information is at risk.

We will continue to provide updates on this page, so you can check it for the latest news.

Thanks for your support as we work through these situations.

John Comerford, Ph.D.

Note: The FAQ that was included in this announcement has become outdated. It has been deleted from this content to avoid confusion. Please refer to the information at the top of this page for the latest updates to the campus network and systems.

Sunday, March 8 - 9:50 pm

Welcome back to campus. We hope you had an enjoyable break.

We regret to inform you that the University’s computer network is currently down – impacting our Wi-Fi network, office and residence hall telephones, Blackboard, Banner and the dining hall swipe system (all food services will remain open though). Classes and offices will remain open and our faculty are aware of this situation and will be working to deliver their classroom instruction with this in mind.

Below, please find some key telephone numbers that will be operational during this outage. Additional numbers will be shared shortly.

Otterbein Police (614) 823-1222
Office of Facilities (614) 823-1300

Please be assured that we are diligently working to get our system restored and operational, but it may take some time.

In an abundance of caution, please don’t turn on your university computer and try and connect to our network. Otterbein’s IT staff will be reviewing all faculty/staff computers before they are turned on, and we will be deploying teams on Monday morning to check their computers. In the meantime, you may use your personal device and personal hotspot for your connectivity needs. For peace of mind, we urge you to consider changing any non-Otterbein passwords that you may have used on your university computer.

Otterbein works hard to keep our computer infrastructure secure, and we sincerely regret that this outage has occurred. Please be assured that as we work to restore our computer network, we will also be investigating whether or not any sensitive data may have been exposed as a result of this outage.

Thanks for your patience as we work to address this situation.

John Comerford, President

Friday, March 6 - 9:32 pm

Otterbein is currently working to resolve an issue with our computers and network. Out of an abundance of caution, we encourage members of our campus community who may have used the University network for personal business to change any associated passwords.

Faculty should be prepare to teach without the access to computer and network technology for classes on Monday.  Staff will receive directions from their supervisors on Monday, upon arrival on campus, with any information that may impact their work.

We do appreciate the inconvenience this may cause and are grateful for everyone’s patience and cooperation.