WE ARE   mentors, teachers and friends.

With a student faculty ratio of 11:1, our students build a unique connection with their professors. Whether they are giving you their personal number in case you get stuck on a homework question, or taking you out to lunch in Uptown Westerville, our professors are truly there for you. And with many of them still working professionally, they are a great resource when you are looking for internships or that all important first job after graduation.

Here are some selfies students got with their professors and the stories behind their relationship!


Seth Smith and Professor Kim Fisher

Seth Smith, Sophomore, Exercise Science: Dr. Kim Fischer, Health Programming & Sport Sciences  

“She is my favorite because of the energy and care she provides for her students. She is always smiling and never gives off any negative energy – it’s always positive.”

Otterbein Student Gabe Sharrock and Professor Jeremy Moore

Gabe Sharrock, First-year, Undecided: Professor Moore, Mathematics & Actuarial Sciences 

Professor Moore is one of my favorite teachers because he makes sure to emphasize material that will be helpful to us in the future.”

Otterbein Student Phanawn Bailey and Professor Hyuk Kim

Phanawn Bailey, Junior, Finance:  Dr. Kim, Business, Accounting & Economics

“Dr. Kim is a great, ambitious instructor who incites different global perspectives into students along with his love of McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Dr. Kim encourages outside thinking and provides great lecture discussions.”

Otterbein Student Jack Wallberg and Profesor Lee Lemke

Jack Wallberg, Sophomore, Engineering:  Professor Lemke, Engineering

“Professor Lemke is a finance professor at Otterbein and something that makes him such a great teacher is he takes everything we are learning and connects it to stuff we will need to know in the real world. He does business finance and every topic he teaches, he teaches from a personal finance perspective. He’s supposed to do a lecture or two later in the year about just what to do with your money to make more money, which isn’t a topic covered in the syllabus!”

Otterbein Student Julia Grimm and Professor Dan Steinberg

Julia Grimm, Sophomore, Public Relations and Journalism and Media Communication:  Professor Dan Steinberg, Communication

Dan Steinberg has been an amazing resource for internships and opportunities to get involved on campus. He also wants to know his students personally, even coming to my choir concerts on campus. It’s what I love best about Otterbein – the opportunity to actually know people and not just see them at the front of a classroom.”

Otterbein Student Teddy Oliver and Professor Matthew Grote

Teddy Oliver, Sophomore, Chemistry:  Dr. Grote, Chemistry

Matthew Grote is a very personal and friendly person who understands the material well and conveys it in a manner that’s easily comprehensible.”

Otterbein Student Carter Wheat and Professor John Tansey

Carter Wheat, Senior Biology:  Dr. John Tansey, Chemistry

“Dr. John Tansey is my favorite professor at Otterbein because he makes learning biochemistry fun and interesting. He is a professor that is passionate about his field and inspires his students to continue learning at the next level.”

Otterbein Student Priscilla Severence and Professor Kim Fisher

Priscilla Severence, Junior, Exercise Science:  Dr. Kim Fischer, Health Programming & Sport Sciences 

“Dr. Kim Fischer gives great examples in class to help students remember different anatomy terms and systems, and goes above and beyond to help students understand difficult content. She is a great person, professor and advisor and I’m so grateful for all the hard work she has put into her students!”

Otterbein Student Harrison Eckels and Professor Jeremy Moore

Harrison Eckels, First-year, Biology:  Professor Moore, Mathematics & Actuarial Sciences 

“Professor Moore is one of my favorite professors because he always takes the time out of his day to address student’s problems. He stays after class every day to help students who are too afraid to ask questions in class and goes above and beyond in his explanations. He is by far one of my favorite professors.”

Otterbein Student Pau Piang and Professor Hyuk Kim

Pau Piang, Senior, Business Management/ Accounting:  Dr. Kim, Business, Accounting & Economics

My favorite professor at Otterbein University is Hyuk Kim and he’s from South Korea. One thing that I like about him is the way he teaches . His explanations are wonderful and easy to understand. His passion and expression toward his teaching is admired by many other students as well. ”

Otterbein Student Kyle Haberkorn with Professor Kyriacos Aristotelous

Kyle Haberkorn, Sophomore, Marketing:  Professor Aristotelous, Business, Accounting & Economics

“Professor Aristotelous is a great professor because he is very knowledgeable, he cares about the success of his students, and he has a great sense of humor.”

Otterbein Student Julia Grimm and Professor Dan Steinberg

Julia Grimm, Sophomore, Public Relations and Journalism and Media Communication:  Linda Deeslie, Administrative Assistant

The best office lady ever! Linda Deeslie is an amazing lady with such a kind heart. She’s always willing to chat with me and let me steal some of her candy. Linda is so helpful and brightens my day.”

Otterbein Student Teddy Oliver and Professor Matthew Grote

Andrew McIlvoy, Sophomore, Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology: Professor Grote, Chemistry

Dr. Grote is always incredibly helpful and willing to answer any and all questions you might have. He takes his time to ensure that you fully understand his explanations and does a great job in using real application to help explain his topics.”

Otterbein Student Ben Lewis and Professor Kurt Lykins

Ben Lewis, Junior, Marketing:  Prof. Lykins, Business, Accounting & Economics

I like Kurt Lykins’ classes because he keeps the class lighthearted with jokes as well as bringing his relevant business and IT experience into the classroom with applicable topics.

Otterbein Student Abigail Kiley and Professor Kim Fisher

Abigail Kiley, Alumna (’19), Health Promotion and Fitness:  Dr. Kim Fischer, Health Programming & Sport Sciences

“Dr. Fischer also makes sure all her students know about outside resources and that they get the help they need by recommending tutors and making YouTube videos of concepts.”

Otterbein Student Kayla Queer and Professor Dan Eskew

Kayla Queer, Senior, International Business:  Dr. Eskew, Business, Accounting & Economics

“Dr. Eskew demonstrates exactly what one could hope for in a college professor: humorous, intelligent, caring, personable, inspiring, etc. He has sacrificed, and continues to sacrifice, his personal life for his students, and everyone should be beyond appreciative of that. Anyone who crosses paths with Dr. Eskew is very fortunate, to say the least.”

Otterbein Student Haley Wesserman and Professor Jeff Lehman

Haley Wasserman, Alumna (’19), Zoo and Conservation and Studio Art:  Dr. Jeffrey Lehman, Biology & Earth Science

I would recommend biology lab with Dr. Lehman because he makes the work engaging and enjoyable. Dr. Lehman uses relevant songs and jokes to make learning biology fun while also helping to go in depth with what I am learning in the lecture.”

Otterbein Student Coby Stover and Professor Andrew Calinger-Yoak

Coby Stover, First–year, Allied Health:  Dr. Calinger-Yoak, Biology & Earth Science

He really tailors the class to help you learn best. He is very easy to talk to and is great at listening to and answering your questions thoroughly.”

Otterbein Student Liam Heard and Professor Kyriacos Aristotelous

Liam Heard, First-year, Sport Management:  Professor Aristotelous, Business, Accounting & Economics

Professor Aristotelous is one of my favorite professors because he simplifies what he is teaching so it is easy to grasp and understand. He is also always smiling and happy so that leads to a positive classroom environment!”

Otterbein Student Robbie Fields and Professor Brian Day

Robbie Fields, Fifth year Senior, Economics:  Prof. Day, Business, Accounting & Economics

Professor Brian Day is more than just a teacher, he is a friend. His classes will prepare you to thrive in the world when you graduate. His door is always open and he is always willing to lend a helping hand. He has been a role model to me from the moment I met him.”

Sample Selfie

Paul Hensley, Sophomore, Finance:  Prof. Reichert, Librarian & Professor

“Professor Reichert is a great professor because of his true passion and knowledge for the subject of Japanese Beauty and Ambiguity”