“I was able to take a case that happened during my internship and file it with Homeland Security!”

I wanted to start working for the government or a governmental office because I thought it would be a good base and I wanted to learn more in the political field to help reach my future career goal of working for the United Nations as a diplomat. I also wanted to learn how the Ohio Department of Public Safety ensured the safety for the people of Ohio. The director offered me work in the BMV Division under DX Services, and I accepted it because it was a learning base for me.

I was there April through July of 2018, and then went back this past summer, from May through August. During my internship, I learned how the process worked, how to obtain both a regular driver license and a commercial driver license. I was able to work on a case that was filed with Homeland Security.

The thing I enjoyed the most at my internship was the friendly environment and the people because they were very helpful when I needed assistance with the work, project or case. I was able to learn interesting things such as using Microsoft and taking on cases. The experience helped me with my organization and my future career.

Tiffany Leung, Sophomore Year
DX Services Intern
Ohio Department of Public Safety