Protect the Nest Weekly Update for Students –February 19, 2021

Posted Feb 26, 2021

This update is intended to keep you informed of the latest developments from our Protect the Nest Team. Please visit for additional general and student-related information. If you have questions or concerns, contact the COVID Hotline at

Fall Semester

President John Comerford announced in an email earlier this week that we are planning for a more traditional fall semester including a return to (mostly) in-person classes, traditional room set ups — not just in classrooms, but at the Library, the Cardinal’s Nest and gathering spaces — normal housing policies and athletic schedules. Of course, we will also have a back-up plan should limitations need to continue.

This semester we will continue to follow our core Protect the Nest protection measures (social distancing, facial covering requirements, etc.). This summer we will offer a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online courses, and a very limited camp/conference schedule and in-person Otterbein summer events like Orientation with small groups and continued social distancing.

These decisions have been made with the advice and approval of our partners at Franklin County Public Health.

Directional Signage

Students recently raised questions over the directional signage posted in some buildings on campus that indicate one-way traffic flow. Based on student feedback, we have reviewed the locations with directional signage and have modified and removed some of the signage. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! If you have additional questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact the COVID Hotline at

Don’t Move the Furniture

The furniture setups in the classrooms and lounge areas of campus buildings have been specifically configured to comply with COVID-19 prevention standards. We’ve had several instances of furniture being moved in Roush Hall, the Campus Center and the Science Center. If you are using spaces in these buildings, please note that you are not permitted to move the furniture.

Classroom and Campus Space Reservations

If you would like to use a campus space for a meeting, gathering, or other purpose, you are required to reserve the room through the Office of Events and Conferences. The office will review requests and go over the mandatory COVID-19 procedures if your request is approved.


  • If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms, contact the COVID Hotline at 614-823-1586 or and let our Student Affairs staff and OhioHealth representative advise you on your next steps.
  • If you are asymptomatic but would like to have a COVID-19 test, you can request to be added to the weekly asymptomatic pool. Just contact the COVID Support Team at