Otterbein is a place where your faith and your wondering are welcome and respected.

Office of Religious & Spiritual Life

Location: 24 N Grove Street – inside Church of the Master United Methodist

Please contact Rev. Lucy Kelly, Director of Faith and Spiritual Life, at for questions concerning religious and spiritual life at Otterbein University.

About Faith & Spiritual Life at Otterbein

  • Otterbein is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and the majority of students who identify a faith are Christian. We’ve got all kinds—Catholics and Protestants, from mainline denominations, evangelical denominations, and independent churches.
  • We also have students who are Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Pagan there are organizations to support them and provide community.
  • We have students who identify as Atheists and a lot of students who identify as “nones” in regard to religious preference.
  • We want every student to consider big questions and learn to make meaning from experiences.
  • We want every student to learn from people who share their faith and from those who have very different perspectives.
  • At Otterbein, spirituality and reflection are for everyone!

Worship Opportunities

  • There are lots of churches who are delighted to welcome students within walking distance of campus!
  • Church of the Master United Methodist Church is our partner in ministry and located across the street from Towers Hall. They do a lot for students and provide a warm and welcoming place to worship.
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Church is about a mile from campus, and students who are part of the Otterbein Catholic Student Ministry organization car pool there each week for mass.
  • Other churches are close by, too: Baptist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and non-denominational churches are ready to welcome students for worship. Some students go a bit farther to church, and are willing to provide transportation.
  • There is a Mosque near campus (and a masjid on campus for daily prayer); there’s a Jewish synagogue in Worthington, a Buddhist temple in Columbus and a Hindu Temple in Lewis Center.