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Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Mathematics is about finding patterns and generalizing to solve problems ranging from one-step computations to understanding deep, complex systems. At Otterbein, we have robust programs in pure and applied mathematics and actuarial science. Titles held by recent graduates include compliance analyst, high school teacher, actuary, mathematics graduate student, and biomedical engineering graduate student.

Student, Faculty, and Alumni Spotlights

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Quote RedI have built a strong mathematical foundation that has prepared me for graduate school. The opportunities to grade, tutor, and conduct or do research have also been critical in my success at internships and in preparing me for graduate school.

Julia VanLandingham ’21

Mathematics B.S. and Computer Science B.A.

Julia is now pursuing her Ph.D. in mathematics at Clemson University.

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Otterbein’s mathematics faculty members are not only excellent teachers, but also active researchers who understand the importance of immersing students in a rigorous – yet supportive – environment.

As the first private university in Ohio to offer a B.S. in Actuarial Science, our advanced program provides thorough preparation for the professional actuarial exams.​

Actuarial Exam Prep


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I absolutely love it at Otterbein. The classes are small, which is great because you get time with the professors, who all really care about you. Whether it’s cheering you on during the exam process or helping you with internships – anything you need – the faculty were there for me, and that was great.

DJ Brown ’20

Double major in Actuarial Science and Mathematics with a minor in Finance​

Learn more about DJ’s experience at Otterbein >

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We’ll be enabling systemic and positive reform. I want students and teachers to claim their mathematical power!

Jeff Smith

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Speaking to the significance of the NOYCE grant and its impact for Otterbein and future STEM students.

Otterbein selected by National Science Foundation to receive NOYCE grant, providing full scholarships for select juniors and seniors pursuing integrated mathematics licensure.


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Congratulations to Professor Jeff Smith on being selected as Otterbein’s 2021 Exemplary Teaching Award winner.

Jeff Smith

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

From a Mathematics student: “He is so inspirational, flexible, warm-hearted, hilarious, intelligent. His teaching methods are great, and he never leaves anyone behind!”

Suzanne Ashworth Faculty Spotlight

Department Features and Student Opportunities

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We are proud to support our students who qualify for endowed departmental scholarships. Those who meet requirements can also apply to be a NOYCE scholar.

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Student Research

Every Mathematics major has the opportunity to work one-one-one with faculty members pursuing research projects.

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Internships & Careers

Most Math and Actuarial Science majors complete internships in the actuarial, insurance, data analytics, and finance industries.

Otterbein Receives Choose Ohio First Grant for Cardinal STEMM Scholars Program

Otterbein University has received a Choose Ohio First (COF) grant from the State of Ohio and the Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to increase the number of Ohio residents completing postsecondary studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) and STEMM education.  “Choose Ohio First provides an excellent opportunity for those students who stay in Ohio and continue their education to get the skills they need to succeed in promising career fields,” Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy…

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Otterbein Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science Receives NSF Grant

The Otterbein University Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science has been awarded a $1,185,537 grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (NOYCE). The grant will fund activities and programs over five years (2021-2026) to address the shortage of highly qualified mathematics teachers, particularly in urban, high-need schools. The Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, in tandem with Otterbein’s Department of Education, will partner with Columbus City Schools (CCS), Ohio’s largest public-school district, to create an…

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Educational Mathematics – A Bewitching Barnyard Task

It has happened to all of us. We work on a mathematics problem, believing that we’ve found a beautiful and elegant solution, only to find a snag somewhere along the chain of reasoning.  The same is true among the best mathematicians, even when tackling seemingly simple problems. Consider the following exercise, first posited over 270 years ago:  Imagine a circular fence that encloses one acre of grass. If you tie a goat to the inside of the fence, how long of a…

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Programs of Study in Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Mathematics Major

B.A. or B.S.


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Actuarial Science

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Educational Mathematics

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Data Science

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Integrated Mathematics

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Mathematical Achievement, whatever its intrinsic worth, is the most enduring of all.

G.H. Hardy