Solve today’s problems by thinking deeply.

Department of Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Mathematics is about finding patterns and generalizing to solve problems, ranging from one-step computations to understanding deep, complex systems. At Otterbein, we have robust programs in pure mathematics and actuarial science. Titles held by recent graduates include high school teacher, compliance analyst, actuary, biomedical engineering graduate student, and mathematics graduate student.

Why Study Mathematics at Otterbein University?

  • Unique curriculum where students begin their studies with theoretical topics like basic real analysis and abstract algebra while also taking computational courses like calculus.
  • High quality instruction from gifted instructors.
  • Rigorous, yet caring atmosphere.
  • Students have the opportunity to work with instructors on research projects.
  • Versatile major with uses in many sectors of society.

Why Study Actuarial Science at Otterbein University?

  • One of four actuarial science programs in Ohio with curriculum rated advanced by the Society of Actuaries, and the only such curriculum at a liberal arts institution.
  • Curriculum designed specifically to help students pass the professional actuarial exams.
  • Students have the opportunity to intern at Columbus’ many insurance companies.
  • A high percentage of our graduates find employment with companies upon graduation.

Mathematical Achievement, whatever its intrinsic worth, is the most enduring of all.

GH Hardy