Music at Otterbein is more than an education, it’s an experience.

Department of Music

As you walk through the Otterbein University Department of Music, you’ll notice that it’s alive with music, with laughter, with students in the lounge, with professors talking to students. Whether it be from our talented students, our actively practicing faculty and staff or from a guest ensemble, there is always music playing at Otterbein. 

Music Audition Workshop

Fall Recruiting Events

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, the Department of Music at Otterbein University is hosting a Music Audition Workshop. This workshop is designed for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in auditioning for college and university music programs. Students participating in the workshop will walk away with a lot of useful information about the entire audition process, along with helpful critique from seasoned music professionals. The registration fee is only $15 and will include lunch and a video of your trial audition.

Presented by the Otterbein University Department of Music faculty, the workshop will last from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The culminating activity of the day is a trial audition; participants should be prepared to perform at the workshop according to the guidelines below:

  • Voice: one memorized piece, preferably classical
  • Strings: one piece (memorization is not necessary); major scales up to four sharps and four flats in two or three octaves, or a scale of your choice; there may be sight reading
  • Keyboard: one memorized piece; all major and harmonic minor scales, or a scale of your choice; there may be sight-reading
  • Woodwinds/Brass: one piece (memorization is not necessary); all major scales and a two-octave chromatic scale, or a scale of your choice; there may be sight-reading
  • Percussion: prepare a representative solo/etude in two of three areas: snare drum, timpani, and/or keyboards (memorization is not necessary)

We will have accompanists present, and we encourage you to perform your solo with accompaniment.

Can I make music at Otterbein if I'm not a Music major?

Yes!   Even if you’re not a music major, you can participate in any of the Music Performance Areas, such as Bands, Choirs, Orchestra, Jazz Ensembles; and through applied study (private lessons) of instruments or voice.  We facilitate both ensemble participation and private instruction through Participation Awards for non-majors, and through Athletic Band Awards for Otterbein students participating in Marching Band and Pep Band.

Otterbein offers three options for Music Minors, including standalone minors in Audio Production and, with other arts departments, Arts Administration, that are open to any Otterbein student, regardless of their music background.

Why get a music degree from Otterbein?

Whether you play the cello, the trumpet, the piano, or sing – whatever your musical talents are – Otterbein’s Music programs help musicians hone their musical craft and prepare them to utilize their talents for music careers or for life-long enjoyment.  Music students at Otterbein are mentored by master teachers of instruments and voice, and have opportunities to participate in a variety of ensembles and performances on campus, off campus, and even abroad.   Music majors have access to a keyboard lab, state-of-the-art music software, an electronic music studio, and much more.  Music majors leave Otterbein appreciating the aesthetic and affective richness that music brings to the world, and appreciate music within a historical, cultural, and global context.