Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is a is a rigorous field that provides flexibility to adapt to a student’s individual interests, before and after graduation.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program

Biochemistry and molecular biology is the branch of science that examines life at the molecular level. Students will use the basic tools of chemistry and biology to dissect how organisms, cells, and molecules function. This major is rigorous, but provides flexibility to adapt to a student’s individual interests. The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major is an interdisciplinary major supported by the Department of Biology and Earth Science and the Department of Chemistry with disciplinary accreditation and approval through the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

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Program Director: Dr. John Tansey
Phone: 614-823-1497

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Why study Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Otterbein?

  • Small class sizes mean that you will have plenty of individualized attention from your professors.
  • Our research and internships will prepare you for any opportunity you encounter.
  • We also work with students to help match them with area hospitals, veterinarians, dentists, and pharmacists to provide the relevant internship and volunteer experience that is so crucial for future success.
  • Following graduation, many of our students enter graduate programs in the sciences, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physician’s assistant school, genetic counseling, or optometry. Others enter work directly for biotech companies, area research facilities, and hospitals.
  • This degree also provides a solid foundation for other careers in education, business, marketing, law, and public policy.