We believe in the power of literature, language, and creative expression and we live in the voices, the stories, the words.

Department of English

In English studies, you will explore the transformative power of the written word. You will come into voice as thinkers, readers, and writers. You will engage literature as a form of personal, creative, and cultural expression. You will encounter texts that explore gripping human realities and raise enduring social questions. And you will practice writing as a critical and artistic endeavor.

Verda B. Evans Writers & Scholars Series

Each year, the Verda B. Evans endowment allows the English Department to host internationally-renowned writers and literary scholars who hold open class sessions, meet one-to-one with Literary Studies and Creative Writing students, and present their creative and scholarly work for the department, campus community, and general public. In recent years, we’ve partnered with Humanities Advisory, the Vernon Pack Lecture Series, and the Westerville Public Library to host visitors such as:

  • Ladan Osman – winner of the Sillerman First Book Prize for Poetry
  • Piper Kerman – author of Orange is the New Black
  • Michael Bigelow Dixon – renowned dramaturg
  • Richard Rambuss – Shakespearean scholar
  • Bryonn Bain – internationally-acclaimed hip-hop performance artist and activist
B.A. in Literary Studies

Literary Studies

B.A. in Literary Studies The literary studies major immerses you in great reads, compelling questions, and transformative writing experiences. Through it, you come to know iconic writers, groundbreaking texts, and the intellectual buzz of interpretive thinking. As a Literary Studies major, you will explore the dynamic interplay between literature and culture, identity, psychology, history, politics, and other forces. Investigate how texts make meaning, create worlds, and generate characters. Develop your own writerly voice and style. Pursue your own passions. And…

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Speaker giving presentation about film history

Film Studies (Minor)

Minor in Film Studies The film studies minor gives you a chance to explore the power of cinema. You’ll study innovative forms, definitive genres, iconic directors, and groundbreaking films. In addition, you’ll analyze the cultural contexts that shape films, dive into film theory and criticism, and enter the worlds films create. This is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the English department. Course Catalog > English Department >

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B.A. in Creative Writing

Creative Writing

B.A. or B.F.A. in Creative Writing The creative writing major immerses you in the study of great literature and the art of generating your own fictions, poems, essays, plays, and screenplays. Through it, you come to know the elements of the writer's craft and the imaginative energy of the writer's life. Course Catalog > Submit Your Portfolio > English Department > As a Creative Writing major, you will experiment with different creative forms, skills, styles, and devices; develop a distinctive…

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