Alumni Spotlight: Cameron Hobbs ’12 (BFA Musical Theatre)

Posted Mar 11, 2022

Cameron Hobbs (BFA Musical Theatre ‘12), is an Ensemble cast member of Broadway’s Aladdin the Musical, with many other professional credits as well.

Cameron Aladdin
Cameron Aladdin

What path led you to Broadway?

It’s been a very winding road with some speed bumps and big hills, but we made it! After graduating, I knew I wanted to perform on a cruise ship, to travel, to see the world while making a living. I worked 3 years on Disney Cruise Line, and then I decided it was time to stay closer to home and the industry in NYC. I did a couple regional gigs in Pennsylvania and Boston before booking a Swing position on the 1st National Tour of ‘Something Rotten.’ It was a dream show and dream company with stars like Rob McClure and Adam Pascal. “Rotten” closed in May of 2018, and then I joined the “Aladdin” National Tour from February 2019 until the Covid shutdown in March 2020. When “Aladdin” Broadway reopened in September of 2021, they had an unfortunate Covid outbreak. I was called to come in for a temporary Covid swing position. I got to my first rehearsal and tested positive for Covid-19 in the lobby. I was devastated, I thought my Broadway dream had slipped through my fingers, but on December 13th, I received an offer for a full-time position and had my first show on December 29th, 2021.

What was it like when the curtain went up the first time you were on the Broadway stage?

So surreal! You know, it was a little less nerve-wracking having done the show for so long on tour. When the orchestra began the overture, it was terrifying and comforting all the same. But throughout the show, a cast mate kept reminding me, “Look up. It’s happening. You won’t get this moment back.” It kept me grounded.

What do you do when you are not on stage?

Breathe and stretch and lay horizontal. And play with my dog. Ha! I don’t know if I’m just older, or if it was the two-year Covid break, but it has been an adjustment getting back into a show schedule- physically and mentally. But the show feels better and better each week.

How did you keep busy during the pandemic/shut down?

My boyfriend, Stephen, is also a performer. Luckily, we had both been employed for the years leading up to the shutdown, but it also meant we had been in a long-distance relationship for those years. The pandemic was the first time in forever that we got to spend real time together. So we got a dog, Auggie, and moved in together! It was truly the silver-lining of a very difficult and uncertain time.

Cameron Aladdin
Cameron Aladdin

Tell me a little about your work with Down Syndrome of Louisville and why is it important to you?

One of my very dear friends, Carly Riggs, is the Director of Outreach at Down Syndrome of Louisville. During the first few weeks of Covid, I responded to a video Carly posted of their Zoom “Boogie Down Crew” class. She asked if I would ever be interested in coming in to guest teach, and I ended up teaching every Friday for a year and a half!  It was the most fulfilling thing for me during the shutdown. I got to create and choreograph for these adults who are so eager and fearless every single class!

Why did you choose to attend Otterbein?

I was lucky enough to have a high school theatre director whose daughter attended Otterbein. During my college audition process, that director drove me to Otterbein numerous times to visit, see shows, and even audition for the program. I was blown away by the caliber of talent and production quality, but what really drew me in was the emphasis on dance and the individual attention I knew I would receive.

How have you applied the skills you learned at Otterbein to your career?

Otterbein really helped me focus my energy on my dance skills and movement quality, and shaped me into a well-rounded dancer. However, dance has always been my ‘comfort zone,’ and Otterbein helped shake me out of that. Teachers, like Melissa Lusher, did an amazing job at getting me to bring the energy and fearlessness I had when dancing, and apply it to my singing and acting. It’s been invaluable.

What do you want prospective students to know about Otterbein?

You get out what you put in! Yes, there are amazing instructors helping you, teaching you, pointing you in the right direction, but it starts with you! It may not always be easy, but it will be worth it.