We pledge anew, we will be true, dear Otterbein.

The Office of Engagement

Your Office of Engagement team is located in Howard House, diagonally across the street from Cowan Hall. Stop in and see us!

Dana Madden Viglietta ’96, Executive Director, Engagement ~ 614-823-1639
Marcus Fowler, Director, Alumni and Family Engagement ~ 614-823-1429
Mary Beth Metz, Coordinator, Alumni and Family Engagement ~ 614-823-1466
Melinda Metz, Coordinator, Donor Engagement ~ 614-823-3200
Becky Smith ’08, Administrative Assistant, Engagement ~ 614-823-1650

Location: Howard House, 131 West Park Street
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Email: alumni@otterbein.edu

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Together, our alumni and family communities make Otterbein stronger and more vibrant for future generations.