Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Tinapple ’19 (Chemistry)

Posted Apr 02, 2021

Elizabeth Tinapple, ’19, Analytical Chemist at S.E.A. Limited, A.S. from Columbus State Community College, B.S. from Otterbein​

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“Otterbein is good at helping students truly learn. There is always help when you need it.”

Elizabeth Tinapple

“At Otterbein, I was really taught a lot of skills that I would not have learned otherwise. I got a lot more experience with writing and that is helpful, but I also learned more about problem solving through my time at Otterbein that has been very useful in my field.”

What was beneficial to how you learned at Otterbein? “I was able to go to office hours with a professor and get extra help when I needed it. Plus, other classmates were always willing to form a study group and it was really helpful.”​

What aspects of your education have been most helpful? “Knowing the basics of chemistry really helped but learning how to use various instruments through classes and research was definitely the most helpful. It gave me stronger skills in problem solving.”​

Would you tell us a little bit about your most important mentor? “Dr. Hayes- she is an amazing professor who always answered any questions that I had. She was always willing to help and was a great mentor for me when I was stressed out from classes.”​

What makes Otterbein alumni stand out in comparison to others? “I think what makes us stand out is that we have more experience with collaboration and working together to solve problems.”​

How did your academic experiences prepare you for life after Otterbein? “I think they helped me by giving me experiences that I wouldn’t get otherwise. I had classes that were out in the field. I had the opportunity to learn how to solve problems and help others solve problems as well.”​

What is something you learned about how to be successful at Otterbein? “I learned the key to success is not being afraid to ask for help when you need it.”

What makes Otterbein special? “It is a small school with small class sizes where people get to be really close. The community is so close knit.”​​

What do you love about Otterbein? “I love the small classes and the professors.”​​

What would you say to a new student starting at Otterbein? “You will gain an excellent education that gives you a good chance to get out into the community and beyond the classroom to learn.”​

“Always talk to the professor if you don’t understand something.”​

“The faculty are great. They are always willing to help and spend time teaching you.”​​

What did you value most about Otterbein? “I valued all of the beyond the classroom experiences such as going to conferences and presenting posters.”​​

“The moment I realized Otterbein was a special place was when I was struggling with some personal things in my life and I had a professor willing to listen and be there for me.” ​

“Otterbein is a great place that offers extra opportunities that allow you to learn so much more than you could just in a classroom.”​