Alumni Spotlight: Mallory Gasbarre ’17 (Chemistry)

Posted Apr 02, 2021

Mallory Gasbarre ’17, Research Associate at Luna Innovations-Charlottesville

Mallory Gasbarre
Mallory Gasbarre ’17 as an undergraduate student attending a national American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco.​

“Independent research opportunities were most helpful for me to grow as a chemist and a researcher. I have used the knowledge gained from those experiences in my graduate studies and in my current role as a research associate.”

“Otterbein is unique in that support is available to students 100% of the time. This goes for the college as a whole in addition to the Chemistry department. If you can dream it, you can do it at Otterbein.”​

What was beneficial to how you learned at Otterbein? “I enjoyed the small class sizes and ability to get one-on-one assistance from professors as needed.”

“Since class sizes become smaller as you progress in your classes, you really start to build relationships with all of the staff members and thus the opportunities to do independent research and learn as much as you can begin to flourish.”​

Mallory Gasbare  17
Mallory Gasbarre ’17, Research Associate at Luna Innovations-Charlottesville​

Would you tell us a little about your most important mentor? “Dr. Esson was able to support me through the ups and downs of my college career, Dr. Hayes gave me the confidence I needed my senior to grow as a person and scientist, and Dr. Johnston was able to help me get into graduate school and we’ve been able to keep a line of communication open between us since I left Otterbein.”​

“Otterbein gives you the opportunity and encourages everyone to stand out, where as other/larger schools make students compete for research or other opportunities.”​

“My academic experiences gave me the confidence and drive to succeed in life after Otterbein.”​

What advice would you give to a new student?

“If you ask for help, you’ll most likely receive it, but it’s up to you to take the steps necessary to do so.”​

“Everyone cares at Otterbein, whether it’s fellow classmates or faculty members, they all care about the education and the overall experience of it all.”​

What do you love about Otterbein?

“I love that you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, and you’ll be supported in those choices and decisions. For example, I was able to study chemistry, ride for the equestrian team, and be a part of a sorority, without anyone telling me that I couldn’t do it all or that I wouldn’t have time for it all. If you can dream it, you can do it at Otterbein and that’s what I will always cherish about my time there.”

What could a new student expect at Otterbein?

“You can expect a college experience unlike any other school. The class sizes are just right, there are endless opportunities to grow as a person and as an academic, and Otterbein offers many services for support along the way should you choose to utilize them.”

Was there a moment when you knew Otterbein was a special place?

“When I met my future husband.”​