Otterbein Graduate School Lecture Series

Last Graduate Lecture Speaker: Dr. Kristy McCray

Let’s Get Humble: Using Cultural Humility in Diverse Work Spaces

The last presentation in the Graduate Lecture Series was held virtually on February 25, 2021 to an audience of over 50 participants. Dr. McCray skillfully provided an interactive virtual presentation that enlightened students, staff, faculty and the central Ohio community to the need to get humble and work to understand the culture perspective of all our neighbors.

Dr. McCray began her presentation by acknowledging that we want to advocate for diversity and inclusion, but the fear of “getting it wrong” or saying something offensive keeps us from doing the important work of making sure our workplaces are not only diverse and inclusive, but also equitable. The presentation introduced the audience to cultural humility, which includes lifelong learning and critical self-reflection, and how they can use these skills to create diverse, inclusive, and equitable work spaces.

Kristy McCray