Whether you are a fashion icon, practical shopper, or something in between, you’ll find what you want and need, plus so much more. 



 From standby national favorites such as Dairy Queen and Walmart, to locally owed stores like Northstar Cafe and Graeter’s Ice Creams, Westerville has everything you may need, and uptown runs into campus, making it just a short walk, wherever you are living!

Check out The Barrel & Boar, an old cinema which has been converted into a modern BBQ restaurant, before heading across the street for a famous Graeter’s Ice cream (pro tip, their Banana Splits are amazing)! Follow in the footsteps of generations of Otterbein alum by visiting Old Bag of Nails, while every Otterbein student has experienced grabbing a donut from Schneider’s Bakery at 1 a.m.

On Campus

Save money, and help your fellow students!

Not only does the Thrift Store provide Otterbein students with great deals, but all the proceeds go toward scholarships for students. With over a million dollars raised, you can feel good while getting that one thing you forgot at home.

We also have a great bookstore located in the Campus Center. Do your Christmas shopping or rent textbooks. While you’re there, pick up some Otterbein merch to show off back home!


Polaris Fashion Place

Just 10 minutes from campus, this shopping mecca combines an indoor and an outdoor mall with restaurants, bars, concerts and games.

Come for the selection of retailers (there are more than 200 stores there!), and stay for a quick game of giant chess or soccer snooker, before grabbing a bite to eat and heading back to campus.

Easton Town Center

With Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of its founders, one trip here will have you saying, ‘We’ll be back!’

The giant mall was designed to look and feel like a self-contained city, and is the home of the first ever Hollister & Co. Shop, a cinema complex, multi floor department stores, privately owned kiosks and everything in between. It’s no surprise that 25 million people visit every year!

Tanger Outlet Stores

Who doesn’t love a good deal. Get up to 80% (plus a student discount!) off from Nike, Under Armor, Calvin Klein, Converse, Express, GNC, J.Crew and many more. (We have a word limit on this page, which covers roughly 1% of all the shops Tanger has. So you’ll just have to visit it to see the rest!)

North Market

If fresh food is your thing, then you’ll love the North Market. If fresh food isn’t your thing, it will be after one trip here! With dozens of stalls, including fishmongers, candy makers, butchers, bakers and everything in between, it is no surprise this Columbus mainstay gets millions of visitors a year.

Cultural Markets

One of the best things about Otterbein is the diversity of our students, allowing you to get a broader view of the world, and learn about new cultures. But by living in Columbus, you can do more than just talk about different cultures, with our variety of authentic cultural markets, you can taste them too.

Head to the Cam International Market to get some authentic Pan-Asian food. Want a more specific taste of Asia, then head to the Patel Brother’s Indian grocery store, or the Tensuke Market, a family owned Japanese store which sells sake, spices and Japanese snacks. They also have a butcher and offer the latest in Japanese cookery.

If you want to go to the Middle East, then head to the Mediterranean Food Imports, Jaffa Supermarket or Salam Market and Bakery.

If you are missing European food after your study abroad trip there, then you have plenty of options! From the Russia Club, to the Istanbul Supermarket, you can find any type of food you want. And of course, the Italian and German villages are full of delicacies.

Want something a little closer to home? Then head to the Michoacana Mexican Market, and try some of the city’s best chilaqulles.

If you want to try a bit of everything then head to the Saraga International Grocery store, which sells everything from Middle Eastern to Mexican food.