Nichelle McNabb, Professor, Department of Communication

Nichelle Mcnabb



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Nichelle McNabb is a Professor of Communication.


  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004
  • M.A., Central Michigan University, 1993
  • B.A.A Central Michigan University, 1991
  • Research, Creative, & Professional Work

  • Communication and Teaching
  • Presidential Debates
  • Political Communication
  • Argumentation
  • Publications

  • Friedman, R.B., & McNabb, N.D. (2014, Spring). The lifestyle of the “urban tribe”: A critical analysis of masternarratives, counterstories, and resistance on Will & Grace and Friends.Florida Communication Journal.
  • McNabb, N.D., & Friedman, R. (2013). Meghan Mccain is GOP Proud: A Rhetorical analysis of the political discourse surrounding feminist leadership in the Republican Party. Pgs 105-122. In Michele Lockhart and Kathleen Mollick (Eds). Political women: Language and Leadership. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books.
  • Friedman, R. & McNabb, N.D. (2012). Beyond the lyrics: An examination of race and culture. InTeaching Communication Creatively. Faith Mullen and William Mullen. Liberty University Press.
  • Scholten, K.G., & McNabb, N.D. (2010, April). Does it Matter Where you Come from…. Competitive Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association, Cincinnati. Top paper panel.
  • McNabb, N.D. (2009, February). Re-Learning American History Shapes Americans’ Cultural Exchanges, Communication Currents, online publication.
  • McNabb, N.D., & Friedman, R. B. (2009). Re-Learning American History: Understanding the Assumptions Underlying Intercultural Communication. Communication Teacher, 23,1, 33-36.
  • McNabb, N.D., & Scholten, K.L. (2007). Location, Location, Location: Exploring the Educational Benefits of Local, Regional, and National Tournaments. National Forensic Journal.
  • McNabb, N.D. (2007, March). Public schools as bureaucracies: Why home school advocates reject public schools, Competitive Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association, Minneapolis. One of top Four papers.
  • McNabb, N.D., & Cabrera, P. (2006, Spring). Bowel Quaking Pessimism: An Ethnographic Examination of Competence and Complaining in the Forensics Community, the National Forensic Journal.
  • Affiliations & Awards

    • National Communication Association
    • Central States Communication Association
    • National Forensic Association
    • Lincoln-Douglas Debate Committee