An Open Mind and Lots of Questions Maximize Your Otterbein Campus Visit

Posted Oct 05, 2021

By Bridget Oder ‘23

Many students are apprehensive when trying to find their home for the next four years. Otterbein provides many opportunities to maximize a campus visit for the student and their families to ease those nerves and enjoy their first experience on campus.

During a campus visit, it’s best to meet with a faculty advisor or professor in the students’ desired department if possible. This gives the student a chance to ask questions about their desired major and see the next steps that they should take to become an Otterbein Cardinal. Professors at Otterbein aren’t just here to lead a lecture. They get to know their students and their passions, becoming lifelong mentors who can help with job opportunities and advice on professional and personal matters.

While on campus, Office of Admission staff recommend getting the full campus experience. Eating in the dining hall, visiting a residence hall room, and taking a look inside a classroom are all great ways to see what life on campus feels like.

“A campus visit offers a real-world experience and ‘day in the life’ perspective of an Otterbein student,” said Madelyn Nelson, coordinator for the Host and Tour Program. “It allows prospective students to envision themselves walking to class and to take in the atmosphere on campus while learning about different aspects of Otterbein.”

When coming to Otterbein for a visit, an open mind and having lots of questions is always good strategy. Students and parents should come with questions that pertain directly to what the student wants from their education. Students should make sure that Otterbein has their desired major and other areas that are important to them. Tour guides and counselors can then tailor their experience based on this input.

“Visitors are often interested in residence life and how students spend their time outside of class. I love to highlight campus organizations, and different events Otterbein puts on to bring the campus community together,” Nelson said.

Just a minute walk from campus, Uptown Westerville is also a huge hit with Otterbein students.

“We encourage each family to take a stroll to Uptown. We include local business’ coupons in each red bag that our visitors receive upon arrival to campus,” said Shelby Edick, admission counselor and visit and event coordinator. “Otterbein and Westerville go hand-in-hand, so our hope is that they each take some time before or after their visit to explore the surrounding community.”

Otterbein is known as a close-knit community. Everyone knows and supports each other. This characteristic carries through at athletic events, in the classroom, and in everyday interactions. There is something for everyone on campus. A campus tour that truly depicts all aspects of student life, is one of the best ways for a prospective student to see themselves as a Cardinal.