Fall Semester Classes at Otterbein Start Aug. 24

Posted Aug 19, 2020

Complete details on Return to Campus and the Phased Return Plan for students is available online at www.otterbein.edu/rtc

Whether in person, online or blended, all fall semester classes start the week of Aug. 24 — and Otterbein faculty are excited to welcome students back to their classes.  

Due to our phased approach to moving students back to campus, many of our classes will be presented online for the first three weeks. However, classes with significant lab or experiential components that cannot easily be replicated online and many courses for first-year students will meet in person or in a blended format starting Week 1. 

If your course starts the semester in person or blended, then you will need to be on campus for that course, even if you are not living on campus. Some students may attend classes on campus before they are able to move into their residence halls.   

To find out how your classes will be delivered, we have created the Fall 2020 Phased Opening Plan website that lists whether each course is in person, blended or online for Weeks 1-3 and Weeks 4-14 of fall semester, organized by department/program. Please use this website to determine how your classes will be delivered and help you prepare for the semester. 

Beginning Monday, Sept. 14, all courses will return to their original intended mode; a number of courses that are starting online will return to in person or blended formats. 

Answers to most of the questions you have about the phased return can be found on the Return to Campus website. Additional FAQs about our return to campus — from health and safety measures to student life and more — can be found here.  

Finally, we have created a new COVID Support Team to answer any questions or concerns; contact 614-823-1586 or covid@otterbein.edu

We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall!