New Otterbein Office Merger Provides Streamlined Support for Students

Posted Oct 20, 2020

Otterbein’s Center for Student Success (CSS) and Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) have merged offices to better serve students in a holistic way. The office is now called Student Success and Career Development (SSCD). 

The merger not only creates efficiencies, but also returns to a model the offices shared a decade ago. When the CSS was first established in July 2010, the office was co-located with the CCPD and found many ways to collaborate when helping students.  

“There has always been an ongoing conversation about co-locating student support offices,” said Assistant Dean for Student Success Kate Lehman. “The goal is to make it easier for students to get the support and assistance they need when they need it.” 

The main goal of the merger was to create a more intentional approach for students during their academic and career journeys. In the previous model, students were often referred to services at both the CCPD and CSS, then had to make separate appointments with each team while balancing their already busy schedules. The ability to fully address the academic and professional needs of students at the initial point of contact is proving to be easier and more convenient for everyone.  

The new location of the SSCD office in the basement of Towers Hall puts it near the Registrar’s Office, another key partner for student services.  

To better understand the logistics and collaboration the three offices can now facilitate, Lehman gave the example of an undeclared student trying to decide on a major. That student can now work with the career team on self-exploration about career outlooks and job prospects, then with an academic advisor to map out their course schedule, and finally with the Registrar’s Office to change their major. 

Executive Director of Career Development Ryan Brechbill is excited for the merger and what it means for the students he serves. 

“We’re all looking forward to more seamlessly serving students as they explore their pathways,” said Brechbill. “The opportunity to have those conversations converge in our new space will better serve students and help them feel more confident about their Otterbein journey and beyond.”