New Otterbein Student Government Leaders Looking to Inspire Students

Posted Sep 23, 2021

By Catie Duzzny MBA’23 

Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) for 2021-2022 is led again by two women as president and vice president.  

President Joseline Martinez-Cortez ‘22 and Vice President Cayla Andrick ‘22 share their visions and hopes for the Otterbein community as we transition back into a more “normal” school year. 

2021 Student Gov
Cayla Andrick (left) and Joseline Martinez-Cortez

What do you hope to accomplish this school year along with the University? 
Andrick: :What I really hope to do this year is show students some concrete change on campus. The past couple of years we’ve all been trying to keep our heads above water. I truly believe this is the year that students can see that Otterbein is capable of great and amazing change, even during a tumultuous world. Joseline and I are the “last class” to have experienced a “normal” full year at Otterbein. I want to instill the hope we had our first year into the three classes below us that have not seen Otterbein at its fullest potential. This is an amazing place to do amazing things because of its amazing students, faculty, and staff. We are meant to be set apart and this is the year to prove that to our students and our community. 

What are some important messages you hope students and members of the Otterbein community remember? 
Martinez-Cortez: I think we often forget that Otterbein belongs to us; we can make Otterbein what we want it to be and make it better for current and future Cardinals. Our community can make such an impact on our quiet peaceful village if we just communicate our concerns. I hope our community remembers to reach out to the student government. I think it’s also important for us to remember that COVID isn’t over, and that our decisions don’t just affect us or our “bubble” of people, but also affect our entire community. 

What are you both looking forward to most this year? 
Andrick: I’m looking forward to bringing our student organizations together. The past 18 months have been rough on their recruitment and retention. I’m looking forward to helping student organization leaders host events and programs that pull students together, but in safe ways for as long as necessary. I am also excited to see so many Otterbein traditions in-person again. It’ll be wonderful for everyone to experience those in the way that makes Otterbein unique! 

Martinez-Cortez: I am looking forward most to helping our community heal and come back. Cayla and I have thought a lot about what we want to focus on for our administration. We want to make sure to pay special attention to university transparency, diversity, student involvement, and mental health, as we begin to heal from the difficult pandemic semesters we’ve had recently. Something near and dear to my heart is diversity and making sure that we are constantly working towards those goals and keeping our community accountable. 

What do you most appreciate about the team of officers you are working with this year? 
Martinez-Cortez: I think we all have different experiences and passions, but they all come together around the table with the same mission to ultimately make Otterbein better. I think it’s also important to mention our senators who have taken the initiative and responsibility of representing their peers on multiple stages. Truly, I couldn’t be more excited to work with such a wonderful group of leaders from a myriad of backgrounds. 

Andrick: Our team of officers is truly unique. We have connections that are the same, but we are also each involved with different sects of the student experience. The combined backgrounds, as well as our willingness to meet other students in the middle, make us able to represent all of campus.