Otterbein Focuses on Energy Conservation

Posted Sep 30, 2019

Sustainability is a global issue that many of our students care about, and Otterbein University is doing its part to implement small changes that make a big difference.

Past efforts have included installing water bottle filling stations and handing out aluminum bottles to students to reduce single use plastic waste; replacing shower heads with low-flow models; replacing traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient ones; and installing building controls to remotely measure and schedule temperatures.

This summer, even bigger changes took place. Most visible is the new solar panels installed on roofs at the Park Street Commons, which will offset Otterbein’s electricity usage. Additionally, Facilities Services purchased all renewable energy to power the Park Street Commons and The Point at Otterbein. Other measures are being explored.

Otterbein added a new plug-in hybrid vehicle to the fleet of vehicles that can be used by the Otterbein community starting this semester. The 2018 Chrysler Pacifica minivan holds seven passengers, and comes with a DVD player for long trips. The Office of Facilities Services takes reservations for the use of all vehicles in the fleet.

Starting spring semester, prospective students touring campus can take tours to The Point and the Art and Communications Building in an all-electric shuttle.

If you are interested in studying about sustainability, check out our Sustainability Studies Program.