Otterbein Political Science Professor Lends Her Expertise to News Outlets

Posted Nov 02, 2020

Long after most people go to sleep on Nov. 3, Associate Professor La Trice Washington will still be glued to her TV and computer, watching the results of the presidential election roll in. She will need to have all the latest information to discuss with her students and to provide on-air analysis for news outlets that night and the next morning. 

Latrice Washington
La Trice Washington

While polls can be wrong, trends can change, and October surprises can be, well, surprising, there is one thing Washington can count on during a presidential election year: people will ask her what she thinks about election issues. But she’s happy to talk about it. 

Washington teaches political science at Otterbein. During presidential election years, she teaches classes that draw directly from current events to bring life to the topics in the curriculum. This semester, Washington is teaching POLS 1000: American National Government and POLS 4650: Campaigns and Elections.  

But her expertise in political science is not only sought after by students, but also by news outlets who ask her to provide context to the many issues and topics surrounding the election.  

If you want to know what Washington has to say about some of the current election topics, take a look at the stories below: 

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Spectrum News 1: Female, Suburban Voters Will Be Key to This Election  

Columbus Dispatch: Analysts: Trump suffered most from ‘most chaotic presidential debate in American history’ 

WSYX-ABC6: President Trump pulls ad buy in Ohio; Is Buckeye State still in play? 

Columbus Dispatch: Can Joe Biden energize an online convention? 

Washington will be providing live election analysis on WBNS-10TV evening news on Nov. 3 and on Spectrum News 1 morning news on Nov. 4.