Otterbein Success Coach Helps Otterbein Students and Central Ohio Cancer Patients

Posted Nov 22, 2022

Kyra crook

Kyra “Coach Ky” Crook is known on campus for championing student achievements as a success coach at Otterbein. In that role, she helps first-year students in their progress toward academic success.  

In addition to impacting student success on campus, Coach Ky is making a big impact off campus. The same life-coaching skills she uses with students apply to another fascinating role: Crook is an oncology patient navigator at the Wexner Medical Center, working with Black breast cancer survivors and helps them navigate their lives after treatment. She answered a few questions for us about her role as a patient navigator.  

Name:  Coach Ky Crook  

Title:  Otterbein Student Success Coach  

Department:  Student Success and Career Development  

What inspired you to work as an oncology patient navigator?  

I was inspired to work in this field after I became a breast cancer survivor myself. I wanted to be able to help other women of color, especially, to live their best lives in spite of having had a cancer diagnosis. You can have an amazing life as a breast cancer survivor.  

What does your role as an oncology patient navigator consist of? 

I assist with a special research project where Black breast cancer survivors are followed for six months by a life/health coach (me). These women are encouraged to utilize their navigator, various programs, and services to help them return to or improve their lives after cancer treatment.  

What are the biggest challenges that come with your job?   

Kyra Crook

There are no big challenges because I am doing something that comes naturally to me. I am a certified master life coach. The goal of life coaching is to help someone express their best self in as many easy as possible. I guess my only challenge would be time — I wish I have more time to help people. 

What is your favorite part about being a patient navigator?   

My favorite part of my job is seeing folks reach their goals and being surprised that they are able and capable to do so even after going through one of the toughest ordeals of their lives! 

Is your role in Student Success and Career Development similar to your role as a patient navigator?  

Absolutely! In both positions, I am able to help both patients and students live their absolute best life! I do this by listening to their concerns and challenges and identifying any barriers that are keeping them from living their best lives. I also refer them to programs and resources that may not have been aware of to help them, and be one of their biggest cheerleaders!