Otterbein Summer Discounts Lets Students Catch up on Classes or Explore New Subjects

Posted Apr 22, 2022

By Bridget Oder ’23

Otterbein University offers a variety of summer classes for students who want to try out new subjects, catch up on some classes, or enroll in classes that fill quickly during the academic year. Even better, students can choose from a variety of schedules to meet their needs — and pay less per credit hour with special summer discounts!

There are many benefits to take summer classes, including a more relaxed environment and smaller class sizes that allow for more meaningful group discussions and participation. Students can enroll in general education, electives, and even some major classes, while only focusing on one or two classes, compared to a full schedule in the fall or the spring.

Catie Duzzny ’21 is currently earning her MBA, and often took advantage of summer classes as an undergraduate. “Summer classes are helpful especially if you need to take a class in your major to graduate when it may not be offered the following semesters or if you want to take a popular INST class that fills up quickly,” she said.

Integrative Studies (INST) classes are the most popular choice during the summer. INST classes that fill up quickly during spring and fall have available seats in the summer.

Another benefit of summer classes is the flexibility of the schedule.

“I think summer classes are very beneficial to working adults who want to complete their bachelor’s degrees or take courses to refresh or improve their skills. It’s also beneficial to traditional undergraduate students too who want to fulfill some requirements with a lot less stress, even if they are working over the summer,” Duzzny said.

Assistant Dean for Student Success Kate Lehman said that the lower tuition rate in the summer can make a big difference for students receiving financial aid, too.

“The Federal Government changed the way they structured Pell Grants a few years ago and students who are Pell Grant eligible can get extra financial aid just for summer classes,” Lehman said. “It is a really good opportunity for students with Pell Grants to consider.”

Also, if a student is looking for a really specific class, but they don’t see it on Banner when they are scheduling, they can reach out to Student Success. Otterbein has an online course sharing consortium that can help connect students to other institutions that might be offering that same class online. They can pay Otterbein tuition and have the class post to their Otterbein transcript but take it from anywhere online this summer — a great and flexible option.

Don’t be afraid to take a summer course — it’s a great opportunity for students to get a discounted rate and flexible schedules while completing some of those required or popular courses!

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