Otterbein Teacher of the Year’s Enthusiasm and Passion for Education Sets Students Up for Success

Posted May 28, 2021

The Otterbein University 2021 Teacher of the Year award has been awarded to Dee Knoblauch, professor of education. This peer-nominated award is given to Otterbein faculty members after three years of teaching who exemplify excellence in five principles of teaching: knowledge, design, praxis, relationship, and assessment.

Dr Dee Knoblauch
Professor Dee Knoblauch

“Professor Knoblauch is so passionate about teaching,” said a student commenter in the award nomination. “She makes all her students so excited to be teachers one day. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from her.

As a professor, Knoblauch describes her role as a motivator, someone to guide her students to become involved in constructing their own learning. She does this by being enthusiastic, by challenging them with high standards, and by mixing humor, fun, and novelty into her classes.

“I strive to develop a strong, caring teacher-student relationship with all of my students, and I always try to bring a positive, high-energy approach to instruction,” she said.

Her students feel grateful to have such a strong mentor and supporter in their burgeoning careers. They have commented on how a student becomes more informed and educated about the world of teaching and the influences that impact their instructional techniques. The variety of ways she conveys education theories and styles prepares the next generation of educators to be ready for any obstacle.

“Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you for giving me information every day that changed how I saw the world,” said a student commenter. “I will always see you as a huge part of my teaching journey.”

Congratulations to Professor Dee Knoblauch, the 2021 Otterbein University Teacher of the Year!