Senior Spotlight: Otterbein Sociology Major Turns Internship into Dream Job Helping Immigrants

Posted Apr 26, 2022

By Riley Hysell ’22

When senior sociology major Asool Sarameh began her internship with US Together, she did not necessarily intend for it to play a large role in her plans after graduation. Now, with a full-time job at the non-profit agency waiting for her after graduation day, Sarameh does not know if her passion for the work there will ever fade.

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An interest in the refugee resettlement process led Sarameh to apply for an internship with US Together, which assists refugees and immigrants in the process of finding and creating new homes and a variety of other elements of integration.

“We help from the moment they arrive at the airport, and basically throughout the rest of their lives,” Sarameh explained.

She describes her work with the excitement of someone who knows they are helping people. “I’m interning with the housing specialist, and I’m basically part of the move-in team. We pick them up from the hotel we put them in and take the family and all of their belongings to their new house. We also provide them with furniture from a furniture bank which we set up. And, of course, we make sure they’re settled in before we leave.”

While her role has a big impact, Sarameh said it’s only a small piece of everything US Together offers. The passion the work takes is surely immense, a passion that Sarameh’s supervisor’s boss must have recognized in the Otterbein senior.

Sarameh started her journey at Otterbein as a nursing major with no idea how her path would change. When she found her passion for sociology, she grew as a person.

“I’ve learned a lot throughout the years about social change and what we can do for those who need help. It’s prepared me for what I do now, although I never thought I would be doing it,” she said.

She also did not expect to find working with US Together as powerful and fulfilling as it has been for her — or that it would lead to a full-time job.

“A US Together employee reached out to me and said, we really like having you here and we can tell that you really like being here. If you want, you can stay — it doesn’t have to just be an internship,” Sarameh said.

Sarameh also wants to go to graduate school, but has not yet solidified these plans. “As of right now,” she concluded, “I want to work with US Together. I want to help resettle refugees.”