What I Did This Summer: Emma Urhammer Inspired by Non-Profit Internship 

Posted Aug 23, 2022

Name: Emma Urhammer 

Emma Urmhammer

Major: Public Relations  
Minor: Marketing 
Class Year: 2023 
Hometown: Sunbury 

This summer I was the marketing and communication intern and Columbus Foundation Fellow for Marburn Academy. This summer has been such an amazing experience with constant learning and development of my professional skills.  

I chose to accept the fellowship because I knew it would push me outside of my comfort zone and I would have the opportunity to learn more about the non-profit sector. Marburn Academy is an independent day school in New Albany that is dedicated to serving the educational needs of students who learn differently due to dyslexia, executive function difficulties, and attention challenges.  

Marburn Academy’s mission is to celebrate and empower students who learn differently and help them become engaged, resilient, compassionate, empowered, and self-advocates. Another reason I accepted is because it gave me a chance to be an advocate for Marburn Academy and spread the word about the great work they do and their mission.  

My favorite thing about the fellowship program was learning from my peers, learning from Dr. Lomax, and getting to listen to and meet guest speakers who represent organization in Columbus like Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio, and more.  

Additionally, I enjoyed our bi-weekly meetings on location at The Columbus Foundation. It was inspiring to meet other fellows working for non-profit organizations and hearing about their responsibilities and achievements.  

Through this summer fellowship program I learned that it is important to educate oneself on the community around them and see situations from both sides. I learned that I developed my professional and personal skills by stepping out of my comfort zone and working hard for Marburn Academy while representing them as a fellow.  

I learned that the non-profit sector is growing rapidly and the work they do is very inspiring. I learned that fundraising and applying for grants is vital to the survival of a non-profit organization and the work they do. It was cool to learn how much The Columbus Foundation does for non-profits in regards to funding and giving grants to deserving organizations.  

I strongly encourage other students like myself to apply to be a fellow for The Columbus Foundation because it is an amazing opportunity to better themselves and learn more about the community around them. This is a great way to network, learn, and discover what area of work they might want to pursue after graduation.  

One Otterbein faculty member who inspired me and continues to support me is Dan Steinberg. Ever since I transferred to Otterbein, he has been a great advisor and mentor. He pushes me to be the best I can be while also encouraging me when I feel less confident. I will always be thankful for him and the guidance he has given me these past few years.