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Otterbein Alumni Memories


“I met friends who were from there. They were very friendly, happy, jolly, and nice to be with.”

– June Mugrage Hasty, Class of 1947




“I went to college as a veteran of World War II, and I was involved with a sorority.”

– Hazel Hockett Burkholder, Class of 1951

“I had a lot of great professors there, and one that stood out was Dr. Frederic R. Bamforth since I majored in math.”

– Carolyn Brown Sherrick, Class of 1953

“I got inspired to attend Otterbein University because of the United Brethren in Christ Church.”

– Myron Williams, Class of 1953

“Otterbein was a very important part of my life.”

– Patricia Noble Norris, Class of 1955

“The experience of being at Otterbein had exceeded anything that I might’ve expected when I first stepped on campus.”

– William Evans, Class of 1956

“I was going to an Evangelical United Brethren Church at that time, and I heard about it from my pastor.”

– Elanor Boucher Smith, Class of 1956

“It’s hard to believe we’ll celebrate 65 years since our tradition! Wonderful memories!”

– Thelma Hodson Orr, Class of 1956




“I became a Teacher of the Year, and I gave a lot of that praise to my background at Otterbein.”

– Catherine Hawkins Hickin, Class of 1962

“Otterbein set me up to be a teacher and a successful educator.”

– Marilyn Gorsuch Cromer, Class of 1963

“The camaraderie there was great, and I got a lot of support.”

– Ila Tobias Tittelbaugh, Class of 1963

“I wrote a poem about sitting up in Towers Hall and watching people run confidently across the campus toward their futures.”

– Arlene Buckley Swihart, Class of 1965

“I got a really good education at Otterbein, and I met my husband there.”

– Catherine Brandeberry Tinnerman, Class of 1966

“A lot of my high school teachers were Otterbein graduates.”

– Jeannine Benson Bates, Class of 1967

“I loved the campus of Otterbein, and I loved that quiet, peaceful village.”

– Barbara Fegley, Class of 1967

“Any of the staff at the school were very approachable all the way up to the president. It was really wonderful.”

– Kathleen Morris Orbin, Class of 1967

“The wonderful education at Otterbein prepared me for the ministry.”

– Robert Wachter, Class of 1967

“It was a small, close-knit school, and it helped me to mature.”

– Grant Neely, Class of 1968

“All those experiences with the theater really helped prepare me for what my life’s work has been.”

– Larry Evans, Class of 1969




“All of those things were indelibly impressed into my memory because it was what I wanted to do with my life.”

– Robert Fortner, Class of 1970

“My experience from Otterbein allowed me to be me away from my family, and it allowed me to be me.”

– Pat Zezech Bailey, Class of 1971

“My time at Otterbein was very memorable. The friends, professors, and experiences there are still in my heart.”

– Linda Eddy Randazzo, Class of 1971

“Otterbein gave me a career and overall experience.”

– David Leist, Class of 1973

“After my time at Otterbein, I was well-prepared to become an elementary school teacher.”

– Peggy Malone, Class of 1973

“What stood out to me was my time with the Concert Choir. I was in that all four years, and that was a highlight of my time in Otterbein.”

– Gretchen Steck Horstman, Class of 1973

“I’ve made lifelong friends that I still talk to, and those lifelong friendships are the ones that I really enjoyed.”

– John Mulkie, Class of 1974

“I played football for four years at Otterbein. In fact senior year, I was the captain of the team.”

– Peter Lenge, Class of 1975

“Otterbein was one of the dearest experiences in my life. My music ed degree was a good way to go.”

– D. Leasure, Class of 1975

“I met lifelong friends while I was there, and I’m married to one of them.”

– Karl Niederer, Class of 1975

“The reason I chose Otterbein University was its small size and excellent education and athletic program.”

– Carl Dufford, 1977

“In terms of theater performance, Otterbein University was the best school in the area.”

– Lisa Durham Fairchild, Class of 1979

“My parents, brothers, and sisters all went to Otterbein University. It was like a family tradition.”

– Sarah Fisher Hathorn, Class of 1979

“The connections I made as a result of Otterbein have genuinely shaped my life.”

– Bradley Manier, Class of 1979




“Most of my minister’s children went to Otterbein and had a great experience. I went to look at the campus, loved it, and decided to go there.”

– Lou Ann Layton, Class of 1981

“I was inspired to attend Otterbein University because of its art and psychology programs.”

– Katherine Johnson Tossmann, Class of 1981

“I made countless friendships that I’ve had for 30 years, so Otterbein was very good to me.”

– Mark Holm, Class of 1983

“Otterbein gave me many wonderful opportunities to develop leadership skills, which transferred to my career.”

– Jessie Leek, Class of 1983

“Otterbein University’s equine science program inspired me to attend there. My favorite experience was joining Tau Epsilon Mu.”

– Kellie Thacker Lawley, Class of 1983

“We are truly an Otterbein family.”

– Sonya Spangler Harle, Class of 1984

“I enjoyed the concert band and the trips that we went on during spring break.”

– Jean Moats, Class of 1985

“I was in the marching band, a member of Kappa Phi Omega sorority, a resident assistant, and a hosting tour coordinator.”

– Cynthia Shover, Class of 1985

“Attending Otterbein University was a family thing.”

– James Yerina, Class of 1985

“Otterbein was a stepping stone into lifelong learning.”

– Laurel Martin Courtney, Class of 1986

“Otterbein gave me a well-rounded education and taught me how to face challenges.”

– Amy Lecklitner Postigo, Class of 1989




“I really liked the close-knit community and the good friends that I made, and we all just got to know each other well.”

– Cynthia Miller Hayward, Class of 1991

“It was the only co-ed dorm at that time, and that was an awesome experience because we had a lot of guy friends that we hung out with.”

– Wendi Clark Clark Stevenson, Class of 1992

“I had an amazing first visit to Otterbein University, where we had an opportunity to interact with the faculty.”

– Theresa Feldmeier-Blain, Class of 1994

“Otterbein helped me grow as a student, a community member, and a person.”

– Jodi West Zellers, Class of 1996

“I feel proud of being a graduate from Otterbein.”

– Susan Weaver, Class of 1997

“Otterbein was the foundation for who I am.”

– Ralph Robinson, Class of 1999




“Tennis was a big part of my four years there from all the friends that I made and the coaches that we had.”

– Anne Mills Powers, Class of 2000

“I really enjoyed the experience overall, especially baseball.”

– Christopher Mundhenk, Class of 2000

“I loved my time at Otterbein.”

– Kimberly Leonhard Miller, Class of 2003

“Otterbein gave me the opportunity to look at the business world differently. The business courses gave me a different perspective.”

– Deborah Madden, Class of 2003

“It helped me grow up. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.”

– Leeanne Mizer Jurkowitz, Class of 2003

“Otterbein had a significant impact on my life for sure. It helped me grow as a person, a professional, and a leader.”

– Matthew Sherr, Class of 2003

“What I learned at Otterbein was gaining confidence, and it helped me with my career.”

– Carrie Eckert Egan, Class of 2005

“I met my husband there. I’m still married to him, and that’s a lifelong impression. We met at the alumni function.”

– Olesya Sosedenko Timam, Class of 2005

“I had countless leadership opportunities at Otterbein. I didn’t know I had that power until I went to Otterbein.”

– Lauren Mann Vermilion, Class of 2007

“I feel as though I got a great education, and I can use it in my everyday life in terms of knowing a little something about many things.”

– Amber Burton Butland, Class of 2009




“I went there to play soccer. I played all four years and was captain during my senior year.”

– Carly Dent Gisondo, Class of 2010

“I am so thankful for having chosen Otterbein for my education and nursing degree.”

– Lisa Hakes Miller, Class of 2011

“Otterbein is a piece of my heart. It was the place that I called home during those four years.”

– Christopher Wallace, Class of 2011

“I studied abroad for a semester as well, and that helped me grow as a person.”

– Grace Wolf, Class of 2011

“The professors were invested in each of us, and they made sure that we got the best out of our experience.”

– Jemma Dougherty, Class of 2012

“My career is just starting, but I think of Otterbein as a home to me because it really helped me.”

– Tyler Presas, Class of 2017

“What inspired me to attend Otterbein was the small-town feel of Westerville, and being on campus just felt like home.”

– Grant Seredick, Class of 2017

“Otterbein generated a sense of home.”

– Jared Conover, Class of 2019




“I just really loved learning about other countries, their history, and their culture.”

– Elijah Harris, Class of 2020

“I had the most life-changing professor, Dr. Nichelle McNabb.”

– Maureen Kaiser, Class of 2020

“I feel like I grew a lot at Otterbein as I was able to interact with all sorts of different people and hear different perspectives.”

– Casey Swick, Class of 2020