Denise Hatter-Fisher

Denise Hatter-Fisher



Psychology House 202

Department of Psychology

Denise Hatter-Fisher, Ph. D.’s, psychology career began as a Senior Staff psychologist & adjunct professor, teaching Counseling Psychology Practicum and Multicultural Counseling graduate courses at The Ohio State University. When employed by Northern Illinois University as a staff psychologist, she was also the Director of the Learning Assistance and Study Skills Lab. Additionally, as an adjunct professor, she taught graduate courses in Multicultural Counseling. She obtained professional licenses to practice psychology in Ohio and Illinois before becoming a faculty member at Otterbein. While at Otterbein, she has maintained her interest in practicing psychology, in addition to research and teaching interests in diversity psychology.

Hatter-Fisher developed an interest in biofeedback that emerged from her perennial interest in stress (a central focus in her dissertation) thus, she pursued training in clinical biofeedback. She integrated her interests in stress, diversity, and biofeedback by co-authoring and directing a two-year collaborative community grant project that addressed hypertension risk reduction in an urban community. The project incorporated psycho education, training in thermal biofeedback and other risk reduction interventions. She has served on several community boards of trustee and has been active in relevant professional organizations as a member, presenter, and/or office holder. Hatter-Fisher remains an Ohio licensed practitioner.


  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1985
  • M.A., The Ohio State University, 1982
  • B.A., Saint Augustine’s College, 1980

Research, Creative, & Professional Work

  • Stress & Health Psychology
  • Diversity in Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Stress & Self Regulation Skills in Communities of Color
  • Stress, Depression, Alexithymia, & Health
  • Locus of Control in Ethnic Women
  • Depression in Black Women Across Generations


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Affiliations & Awards

  • Apex Counseling Services Inc. Columbus, Ohio
  • Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Peace and Justice (2006)
  • Exemplary Teaching Award United Methodist Church (2018)