B.A. in Art History & Visual Culture

The Art History and Visual Culture major introduces you to art from around the world and across different time periods. Your studies focus on close analysis of art objects, monuments, historic structures, and other aspects of visual culture from the ancient world to the contemporary, preparing you for careers in museums, galleries, arts administration, and other areas of cultural heritage management.​

You’ll have the opportunity to study works in person at the on-campus Frank Museum of Art, as well as off campus at the many museums and collections in central Ohio and beyond. The art history program also includes international travel courses to important art centers around the world. You’ll gain real-world experience completing internships at the Frank Museum, as well as area museums such as the Columbus Museum of Art, the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, and more​.

Total Credit Hours: 30

Student Learning Outcomes University Learning Goals (KMERI*)
1. Understand the diverse meanings and functions of art across different cultures and time periods, and be able to compare and contrast works of art from different time periods and cultures. Knowledgeable
2. Gain written, oral, research, and information literacy skills, including: be able to use proper terms and language for discussing and analyzing works of art, and be able to analyze how works of art use elements of design and composition to convey meaning. Multi-literate
3. Consider how to integrate knowledge from different sources and disciplines in order to understand and analyze works of art, and understand and use a variety of methods to interpret and examine works of art. Engaged
4. Recognize the meaning and value of cultural heritage in universal, national, and local contexts. Responsible
5. Demonstrate the skills necessary to continue learning about works of art. Inquisitive

*NOTE: KMERI refers to Otterbein's learning goals. It stands for KnowledgeableMulti-literateEngagedResponsible, and Inquisitive. To learn more about KMERI, visit our University Learning Goals page.