Minor in Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Often physically active students or those who are playing on an athletic team but are not majoring in one of the five departmental majors are interested in becoming certified as a personal trainer, furthering their knowledge of strength and conditioning, knowing more about how the human body functions, and/or have a desire for knowledge and skill to promote a healthy lifestyle for family and friends. Addition of this minor satisfies the departmental mission to prepare students to become competent, self-directed professionals.

Exercise Science & Health Promotion Minor Curriculum Requirements
EXSC 1111 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 – 4 hrs (Fall)
EXSC 2300 Exercise Testing and Prescription – 3 hrs (Spring)
EXSC 3400 Kinesiology – 3 hrs (Fall, Spring)
HLED 2100 Fundamentals of Nutrition – 3 hrs (Fall, Spring)
HLED 1400 Individual and Community Health – 3 hrs (Fall, Spring)
Electives (Choose 1)
EXSC 2900 Practicum in Exercise Science and Health Promotion – 3 hrs (Fall)
EXSC 1112 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 – 4 hrs (Fall)
EXSC 4100 Strength and Conditioning – 3 hrs (Fall)