Integrated Language Arts (English + Teacher Education) Program

Otterbein’s integrated language arts (ILA) program empowers future teachers to thrive in their own classrooms. Paralleling the literary studies major, ILA immerses students in great reads, compelling questions, and transformative writing experiences. Through it, students come to know iconic writers, groundbreaking texts, and the intellectual buzz of interpretive thinking.

As an ILA student, you will explore the dynamic interplay between literature and culture, identity, psychology, history, politics, and other forces. Investigate how texts make meaning, create worlds, and generate characters. Develop your own writerly voice and style. Encounter innovative, portable teaching strategies. And pursue your own passions. Holistically, the ILA program will enable you to:

  • Read closely, critically, and innovatively
  • Write clearly, eloquently, and insightfully
  • Know a rich range of literary terms, forms, genres, periods, histories, theories, and writers
  • Study literature in different historical, cultural, biographical, formal, and theoretical contexts
  • See writing and literature as something that can enrich, complicate, and transform the human experience
  • Produce original reading and writing projects

AYA ILA Required courses in ENGLISH (updated FA23)

  • ENGL 1155 Special Topics in Writing and Literature
  • ENGL 1180 Studies in Adolescent Literatures
  • ENGL 2295 Linguistics

Literary Pasts and Presents (2 courses required)

  • ENGL 2210 British Literature before 1700
  • ENGL 2215 18thc. British Literature
  • ENGL 2220 British Literature after 1900
  • ENGL 2250 Studies in American Literatures before 1900
  • ENGL 2255 Studies in American Literatures after 1900

Digital Visual and Professional Media (1 course required)

  • ENGL 1175 Reading and Writing about Film
  • ENGL 1176 Studies in Graphic Narrative
  • ENGL 1177 Writing for the Digital Media
  • ENGL 2280 Film Theories
  • ENGL 2281 Film Histories

Social Justice and Politics (2 courses required)

  • ENGL 2230 Reading and Writing in African American Literature
  • ENGL 2231 Reading and Writing in Women’s Literature
  • ENGL 2232 Reading and Writing in Diverse Literary Cultures
  • ENGL 2233 Reading and Writing in World Literatures
  • ENGL 2234 Reading and Writing in LGBTQ Literatures

Advanced Literature Seminars (3 courses required)

  • ENGL 3325 Literature/History/Culture
  • ENGL 3330 Literature, Politics, and Social Justice
  • ENGL 3340 Literature, Digital Narrative, and Visual Media
  • ENGL 3355 Literature, Theory, and Method
  • ENGL 3381 Literature, Genre, and Movement
  • ENGL 3390 Literature, Science, and Medicine
English Majors Brooke Hamilton And Mary FlowersEnglish majors Brooke Hamilton and Mary Flowers attend the NCTE Annual Convention in Columbus, November 16-19. 2023.

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For more information about the Education licensure aspect of this program, visit our Adolescence to Young Adult Education program page. You can also learn more about this program in the academic catalog. If you are an existing student, be sure to look at the catalog for the year you entered Otterbein.