Biology & Earth Science Minors

The Department of Biology and Earth Science has minors in biology and earth science and contributes courses to the interdisciplinary minor, sustainability studies.  A minor is a good way to broaden your academic experience and make you more marketable once you graduate from Otterbein.

Note that a minor in biology requires specific courses (BIO 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020 and 2030) while the requirements for an earth science minor can be satisfied by completing 20 semester hours of any Earth Science (ESCI) courses. Biology and earth science minors are recommended for students who want to build, broaden or demonstrate science credentials on their academic transcript.

Biology Minor

Otterbein offers an exciting biology program that provides students with a strong foundation and prepares them for a wide variety of endeavors after graduation. Recent graduates have pursued careers in environmental science, field biology, genetic counseling, forensics, or in the biotechnology industry.

Earth Science Minor

Earth Science examines all aspects of the planet earth including rocks and minerals, natural resources, landforms, oceanography, and the history of the planet and its forms. The minor helps prepare students for graduate programs in ecology, environmental sciences, and environmental studies.