Student Spotlight: Carsyn Stobart ’21 (Chemistry)

Posted Apr 02, 2021

Carsyn Stobart, ’21, Chemistry B.S. major​

Carsyn Stobart

The chemistry department at Otterbein University is one of the closest and most helpful communities I have ever been a part of.  Being a transfer student and changing my major the spring semester I got here, I wish I would’ve utilized the help of the chemistry department more. Being involved in organic research with Dr. Grote (my junior/senior year) helped opened my eyes to not only the world of chemistry but the world of helpful mentors. Once starting my research project with Dr. Grote, I realized how much not only she, but the entire department, cared about their students and truly wanted them to be successful and succeed in life.  Attending the ACS National Conference in San Diego with Dr. Grote and Dr. Esson opened my eyes to a new world, one I wanted to be a part of and felt as though I belonged in. This feeling of belonging in a community or group of people was new to me but having the capability to communicate with fellow peers in scientific language was brand new to me and beyond exciting.  I have never felt more prepared and more supported for my future until meeting my chemistry teachers at Otterbein.