Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Get started with your MBA at Otterbein! Fall 2018 semester begins August 20. Admission deadline is August 7. 

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OCT. 25 & NOV. 13 | 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

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Experiential learning profoundly tied to what businesses need today

Campus-Based Program:

  • 12 courses | 36 credit hours | 2 years | Evening Classes | Full-time and Part-time options
  • Curriculum deeply aligned to business needs of today and customized to align with your career goals
  • Experiential learning provides hands-on opportunities and real-world exposure
  • Instills entrepreneurial mindset in graduates
  • What you learn today is applicable in your job tomorrow
  • Scholarships
  • International travel

Businesses today, whether big or small, are looking for some key characteristics when selecting talent. Is the person a strong problem solver? Is he or she creative? Can the person communicate well? Does he or she bring a nimble, entrepreneurial mindset to the team?

We know businesses are looking for this kind of talent because we meet with business leaders all the time. It’s paramount to our program to be vigilant about aligning with the business community. It informs our curriculum, and helps us create a “roll up your sleeves” experiential approach to how you will learn from your professors.

Our alumni consistently comment that what they have learned in the classroom had immediate application to their jobs immediately.  That’s putting real meaning behind the letters M-B-A.

Your Experience at Otterbein

“Why are you here? What do you really want to do?” These are the two main questions you’ll be asked when applying  to our MBA program. The answers to these questions are critical to crafting an educational environment that is customized to your goals. Not every person is looking to do the same thing with their MBA degree, so it’s important that how you navigate our program is aligned to your particular goals. So while our curriculum is streamlined to instill the core knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in your career, students are encouraged to push for outcomes that help them achieve their individual goals.

Our faculty doesn’t just come out of the business world. Almost half of them are still actively working in leadership positions at businesses across Central Ohio. This doesn’t just add application to what they teach. There is an immediacy aligned to actual business needs in today’s business culture. That’s experience you can’t find just anywhere.

Capstone Projects

Because of our commitment to gaining real-world insights into what the business community needs from its talent, we have been able to create experiential opportunities with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Our students work collaboratively with businesses and nonprofits seeking to solve a business problem. Our students research, ideate and execute true strategies to achieve these actual organizational goals.

We are forever appreciative of the organizations that partner with Otterbein’s MBA program to establish these capstone projects. And our students get the real-world business experience they need and expect.

The Point at Otterbein University

The Point

Otterbein has partnered with leading organizations from the private and public sectors in central Ohio to create The Point at Otterbein University, a new science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) Innovation Center that combines academics with the business, manufacturing, and innovation needs of our community.  Located at 60 Collegeview Road, The Point and its STEAM Innovation Center is home to  five resident  tenants and Otterbein academic departments, with lab space available to businesses and the broader community.

Learn more at

Where Our Alumni are Applying their Degree

Many of our MBA students are implementing their knowledge at the following organizations: Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, Alliance Data, JPMorgan/Chase, Mount Carmel, Nestle, OCLC, NetJets, to name a few. There are many more industries and organizations represented within our program.