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Senior Year Experience

What is SYE?

  • SYE Courses are designed to help students bring together the learning done in majors, Integrative Studies courses and elective courses
  • Create a lively interdisciplinary learning experience
  • Adds value to or “tops off” your entire Otterbein education
  • Allows you time to think about and use the college education you’ve spent so long acquiring
  • An end point, a place to reflect on all that’s gone before
  • Designed as a bridge to the future, a place to practice for what’s coming next

Prerequisites for SYE

  • Must have completed 96 credit hours
  • Must also have completed at least 6 of the 8 Integrative Studies courses

What SYE Course Should I Take?

Don't worry so much about choosing an SYE that matches your major; rather, choose something you're interested in, concerned about, or curious about. Later, as you actually walk into your SYE, it means you need to be willing to:

  • Actively confront a problem; engage in an issue; work to gain knowledge; wrestle with ethical choices; and come up with individual and group positions, answers, or solutions
  • Think of yourself as an expert in your discipline and be willing to share your expertise with those outside your discipline
  • Think of yourself as a budding professional, an educated person, and a citizen
  • Think about your education as a whole: how it adds up, how it all relates, how it can be used to live your life

For questions about the SYE program, contact program director Robert Braun.

/ Senior Year Experience

Dr. Robert Braun
Health & Sport Sciences Center 011
p/ 614.823.3535
e/ rbraun@otterbein.edu


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