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Studying Abroad

Students in Italy sunset

A study abroad experience changes you. You come back to the United States a different person challenged by what you have experienced and learned, both in and out of class. You learn about language, culture and customs of your host country and how the U.S. is viewed abroad.

Returning students say they are confident in their abilities and knowledge of the world, America, and themselves. Their values and goals are clarified, their leadership skills and confidence developed to help them make changes in their communities.

To be eligible for Study Abroad registration, financial aid, and scholarships DO NOT apply to any program without first meeting with Otterbein's Study Abroad coordinator.

Learn about your host country, your country and yourself. Take the challenge.

"This experience has done more for my heart and soul than I could have ever expected. Every day I am amazed at how much more I learn about myself by studying abroad. This is adventure is transforming into something truly magical. Thank you for helping me get here."
-Queensland Australia 
Spring 2015

Outstanding Academics

Your transformation is made possible in part by outstanding academic programs. Quality academics form the core of all Otterbein programs abroad. Language and cultural immersion programs are designed to make you fluent in a second language, to help you develop relationships with your hosts and to foster mutual understanding. Coursework may be taken for credit in all majors, minors, and even some internship experience. Certain study programs allow you to study in more than one city, sail around the world on a ship, provide service to local communities, or to intern abroad.

The Five Cards: Global and Intercultural Engagement 

Students have the opportunity at Otterbein to study abroad and to participate in local and regional cultural immersion programs. Through intercultural experiences, students gain a deeper knowledge of and respect for another culture’s worldview, its values, customs, and traditions.
/ Learn more about Global Engagement through the Five Cards

Getting Started


Discover where you can study, how to select a program, and what it means to study abroad.

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Types of Programs


Explore the programs that Otterbein has to offer. Ranging from 2 week May-term travel to year-long study abroad there is a program for everyone!

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Preparing to Study Abroad


Review a proposed departure plan and steps to studying abroad.  

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Resources for Parents


Parents play an important supporting role for their children during the application process and while their student is overseas. We hope that parents will encourage your students to take advantage of this formative experience. Here is some information specifically for you.

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/ Study Abroad

The Center for Student Success is located at 172 West Main Street.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

p/ 614.823.1624
f/ 614.823.1325

Michelle Dippold 
Study Abroad Coordinator
e/ studyabroad@otterbein.edu

/ Application Deadlines

  • Fall - March 1
  • Spring - October 1
  • Summer - Rolling: Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator


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