Alumni Spotlight: Allie Weber ’15 (Chemistry)

Posted Apr 02, 2021

Allie Weber ’15, Customer Support Manager at the CEM Corporation​

“At Otterbein, I was able to start research early in my education and work closely with faculty to develop/hone many important skills (experimental design, analysis, purification, etc.) by the time I graduated. I was able to enter my graduate education confident in my abilities and feeling ahead of the curve.”​

Allie Weber Brackbill  15
Allie Weber ’15, Customer Support Manager at the CEM Corporation​

“At Otterbein you build strong and personal relationships with faculty, which makes them easy to approach when seeking supplemental help, voicing concerns, or bridging knowledge gaps. I’ve learned since that a lot of people (especially at larger institutions) did not experience that in their undergraduate studies.”​

What was beneficial to how you learned at Otterbein? “You got to know your professors and fellow students on a personal level, fostering an environment free of apprehension or judgement. Everyone knows we learn from our mistakes, and fortunately there was no fear in making mistakes at Otterbein.”​

What elements of your education proved to be most helpful to you? “First, the ability to comfortably make mistakes and learn from them. Second, the warmth and approachability of faculty. I was never afraid to pose questions or voice when I needed help.”​

Would you tell us a little about your most important mentor? ” Dr. Jerry Jenkins – Instilled a confidence in my abilities that I could not see myself. Always pushed me to do better and reach higher.  Dr. Robin Grote (Research Advisor) – Supported me throughout my undergraduate (and graduate!) research career. Always took the time to thoroughly explain and personally develop every new skill and concept. Played a monumental role in my preparedness for graduate school. Dr. Joan Esson (Student Advisor) – Encouraged and guided me through tough decisions with exceptional compassion. Always ready to listen and takes personal interest in her students. Dr. Carrigan Hayes – Fostered an environment where mistakes were welcomed and encouraged. Always looked to find new ways to present and explain challenging concepts (which was nearly all topics in PChem!).​

What advice would you give to a new student?

“Do not be afraid to ask for help. At Otterbein you build strong and personal relationships with both faculty and fellow students, which makes approaching them easy when seeking supplemental help, voicing concerns, or bridging knowledge gaps.”​

“Expect to be not only recognized by your faculty (a rarity in itself, especially at larger institutions), but valued, heard, and supported.”​