Top Places to Hang Out on Campus

Relax in the shadow of Towers Hall, not only beautiful but a National Historic Building, visit one of our on-campus galleries, or be inspired in our state-of-the-art buildings, Otterbein has a place for everyone!

Residence  Halls 

The residence hall is your space, and you will spend a lot of time in there. So get creative and make this space your own! However you transform your room into your own personal space, this is a great place to have friends over for a movie night, a study session or finding out who really is the best Fortnite player.

Art Galleries 

Otterbein is home to several places of great art, including the Frank Museum of Art, the Miller Gallery and the Fisher Gallery.

The Miller and Fisher Galleries show a program of public exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing the work of Otterbein students alongside that of world-renowned artists. Some of these artists offer workshops or lectures to engage students with their exhibitions. Meanwhile, the Frank Museum of Art has over 1,000 pieces of mostly Sub-Saharan African art from the 20th century, dominated by three-dimensional pieces. The collection was started when African missionaries graduated from the school and donated the pieces as a gift to Otterbein.

The Point

Completed in 2018, this state-of-the-art building is home to the Otterbein Engineering Department, while it is also used by companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Nikola Labs and others. Nestle even has a top secret  lab there!

Don’t think this means there isn’t anywhere for students to go though! From the comfortable seating in the lobby, to the private and group study rooms, to the outdoor lake side seating, there are still plenty of options, we’ve even built study nooks into the wall. There is a games area with a ping pong table, pool, fooseball table, an Xbox and a PS4 plus a corn hole station (those who call it bags may have their acceptance letter rescinded…)

If all that studying and playing (it will probably be mostly the playing!) gets you hungry, then head to The Point’s café, and get a fresh cooked meal from The Point’s designated chef.

Cardinal Lounge 

Also known as the Commuter Lounge and located in the historic Towers Hall, this lounge is equipped with TVs, comfortable seating, vending machines and lockers.

Whether you are a commuter or not, this is a great place to hang out, do some homework (yes, this lounge can even make homework fun!), make new friends and get a snack between class.

Courtright Memorial Library 

Wait… Don’t click to the next building yet! The Courtright Memorial Library is anything but your stereotypical library, we even have a Starbucks in the lobby. Did that get your attention? Good, we thought it would.

The first floor is designed for group work, and is home to the library’s computer lab. This relaxed atmosphere encourages you to discuss and talk about your homework, without the fear of being shushed!

As you move up to the second floor, the library gets quieter, but with comfortable seating and floor-to-ceiling windows it is still not your typical library.

Are you looking for the traditional library experience? We have that too! The third floor is a designated quiet floor, while the 2nd floor is home to several private study rooms.

Academic café's and lounges

Our academic buildings aren’t just for lectures. Most of them have cafes and lounges in them. So, grab a salad (or a cake!) with your Cardinal Cash, and relax in one of the lounges between classes.

One of our favorite lounges is in Roush Hall, on one side you will be looking through the trees to the Cowan Hall, while on the other side you will be overlooking half of the Miller Gallery. Another student favorite are the lounges in the Science Center. Each floor has its own lounge with a slightly different feel, so try them all and pick your favorite!

Campus  Center 

The heart of the Campus, every Otterbein student will spend time in the ‘CC.’ With an all-you-can-eat buffet-style restaurant called The Nest, students can, and do, spend hours up there, as different friendship groups come in at different times.

Looking for a more refined eating experience, then try the OtterDen, for a made to order meal, before stopping in the Book Store, to rent a textbook cheaply, or buy your mom a new Otterbein t-shirt. (We know it sounds cheesy, but trust us she’ll love it so much it might just increase the size of your next care package.)

Clement's / Rike Center 

You won’t be doing much relaxing or studying here, instead you’ll leave dripping with sweat and a big smile on your face.

Work out in the new cardio room or run on an indoor track in the Clements before walking over to the Rike Center, playing some pick-up basketball, or just picking up some heavy iron!

Campus Green Space 

Whether you enjoy the picnic tables out the front of Roush Hall, the fun seating outside of Towers Hall, or a hammock strung up between two trees, the green space on campus will allow you to take a nap, get lost in a good book, or just enjoy the company of your fellow students.