Counseling Center Events

The Counseling Center at Otterbein University

All of our workshops are INST Approved! No registration needed.

  • September 13, 1pm, Library Room 124: Self-Care isn’t Selfish. Join us at the start of the semester to create your own self-care plan.
  • September 26, 4pm, Library Room 126: Fatigue and Sleep. Learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills for Insomnia and create a bedtime routine to fit your needs.
  • October 11, 1pm, Library Room 124: Exiting the Stress Zone. Join us for an interactive workshop to learn basic relaxation skills to use throughout the week.
  • October 24, 4pm, Library Room 126: Thriving Relationships. Our relationships with our significant other, friends, and family are complex. Come join us to learn interpersonal skills to improve communication and conflict resolution.
  • November 15, 1pm, Library Room 124: Loving Limits. Boundaries are important for self love and for our relationships. This workshop will help you learn ways to prioritize your needs and self care within relationships.
  • November 28, 4pm, Library Room 126: Holiday Prep. For some, going home for the holidays can be hard. Let’s review some skills that can help you prep for the break!

*New* First Generation Student Support Group: The Counseling Center will be hosting a support group for first generation students interested in talking through the college experience and building community. Topics will include self-care, wellness skills, belonging, making connections, and campus resources. Hosted by our first gen staff members! If you are interested in participating, please contact us at or stop by the Counseling Center 146 W. Home Street to set up a brief consultation where our counselors can tell you more about the group.

Meeting Times:  The support group will meet every other Wednesday from 4pm-5pm. Optional* events listed below.

  • Sept 6  4pm-5pm, Location TBA
  • Sept 16 Hangout at homecoming parade*
  • Sept 20, 4pm-5pm, Location TBA
  • October 4, 4pm-5pm, Location TBA
  • October 18, 4pm-5pm, Location TBA
  • Nov 1, 4pm-5pm, Location TBA
  • Nov 8 First Gen College Celebration Campus Event*
  • Nov 15 , 4pm-5pm, Location TBA

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