Graduate Studies in Athletic Training

Join the Growing Field of Athletic Training

The graduate program will be available starting in Summer 2023.

The Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) combines a liberal education base with professional academic and clinical experiences necessary to qualify a student to sit for the Board of Certification examination. The clinical experiences will involve but not be limited to assignments from the collegiate, high school, clinical, pediatric, geriatric, recreational, theater, equine and other unique settings. The inclusiveness of these experiences is designed to help produce a well-rounded athletic trainer -one who is genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of many different types of physically active individuals. Our ideal location is key to providing a wide array of experiences to meet any athletic training related clinical goal.

Undergraduate students interested in the MSAT program will enroll at Otterbein as an Allied Health (BS) undergraduate major with a Pre-Athletic Training Concentration (available starting in Fall 2020). This allows for all Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) required pre-requisite and foundational knowledge courses to be completed before formally applying for admission to the MSAT program.

Visit Bachelor of Science in Allied Health pre-Athletic Training track  for more information.

The two year Master of Science in Athletic Training program is designed for any student who meets the graduate program admission requirements. Graduate students wishing to attend Otterbein University for the MSAT who have already secured a Bachelor’s degree will be evaluated for program entry on a case by case basis.

Master of Science in Athletic Training Curriculum
MSAH 5000 3 hrs Research Design
MSAT 5100 3 hrs Emergent care in Athletic Training
MSAT 5150 3 hrs Strength/Conditioning
MSAT 5170 2 hrs Applied Gross Anatomy
MSAT 5200 3 hrs Orthopedic Assessment I
MSAT 5230 3 hrs Leadership & Advocacy
MSAT 5300 3 hrs Orthopedic Assessment 2
MSAT 5400 3 hrs Therapeutic Interventions
MSAT 5500 2 hrs Clinical Practicum 1
MSAT 5600 2 hrs Clinical Practicum 2
MSAT 5700 2 hrs Clinical Practicum 3
MSAT 5800 3 hrs Athletic Training Administration
MSAT 6200 3 hrs Applied Biomechanical Analysis
MSAT 6500 3 hrs Clinical Immersion 1
MSAT 6600 3 hrs Clinical Immersion 2
MSAT 6700 3 hrs Medical/Pharmacological Cond. in AT
MSAT 6430 3 hrs Emergent care in Athletic Training
MSAT 7000 6 hrs Capstone Project
Total Hours = 53