Author Event: Unexpected Life and Philanthropy of Sarah B. Cochran

Posted Aug 31, 2022

Kimberly Hess, author of “A Lesser Mortal: The Unexpected Life of Sarah B. Cochran” will be giving a presentation on her book and research on September 8th at 4pm in Library 118. The event is INST approved and is co-sponsored by the Humanities Advisory Committee.

Who was the woman who built Cochran Hall and why is she largely unknown?  Through her marriage to Otterbein alum Philip G. Cochran, Sarah B. Cochran moved from financially humble origins to being a unique female business competitor of Henry Clay Frick’s.  Author Kimberly Hess will discuss that transformation, as well as Sarah’s philanthropic activity that shifted power through projects like Cochran Hall.  Because Otterbein’s archives were crucial for her book research, Kimberly will also discuss her writing process for producing the first biography of Sarah B. Cochran.

A black and white photo of Cochran Hall in 1921. It is a tall, old-fashioned building made of brick and stone.
Cochran Hall in 1921

Cochran Hall used to stand where the Spirit Rock is now. It was there from 1902 to 1976.