Game Night on August 30th!

Posted Aug 22, 2022

The library is hosting a Game Night on August 30th on the second floor of the library. The Game Night will take place from 6pm-9pm, but it is an event where you can come and go as you like, so if you’re not available right at 6pm, no problem! There will be pizza served. A majority of the game collection will be brought upstairs for you to pick from, and staff will be on hand to teach you a game that you want to learn. Bring some friends and play an old favorite or discover a new one!

The library has over 75 games available to checkout, ranging from classics like Monopoly and Clue to modern board games like Azul and Wingspan. There is something for everyone! The library has put together a helpful Libguide that organizes the board games into their difficulty level, but it also includes the average playtime for each game and how many players the game can play so that you can make a swift selection of what you want to play. If any game is of interest to you, the library is also willing to set up a time with you to teach you the game by contacting Kirsten (

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The library game collection has more than just board games, though. It also has over 75 video games across 10 different platforms and many different roleplaying game handbooks and manuals. It even has dice kits so that if you don’t own the dice needed for a roleplaying game, you can check them out!

The library is here to support you in every way, academically and in finding ways to have fun and relax. Come to the Game Night to explore our collection, learn some new games, make new friends, and start your semester right!