Library Rededicated for 50th Anniversary

Posted Oct 13, 2022

The Courtright Memorial Library hosted a special, invite-only, 50th anniversary celebration event on October 1st, 2022. This invitation was sent to members of the Courtright family, library directors across Ohio, former employees and former student employees, and the Friends of the Library. Over 100 people attended the event on Saturday.

A man and a woman wearing outdoor jackets, standing in the library lobby and smiling at the camera.
President of the Friends of the Library, Margie Doone, waiting to pick up her gift bag.

The highlight of the event was the rededication of the library, led by President John Comerford. President Comerford spoke of the history of the library, specifically the legacy of A. Monroe Courtright, a local businessman and philanthropist who named the library in honor of his parents, Ada and Robert Courtright. As part of the rededication, President Comerford revealed the new donor wall commemorating the history of the Courtright family. Over 30 members of the Courtright family were present for the rededication.

President Comerford standing at a podium, gesturing, with a window full of origami cardinals behind him.
President Comerford speaking to the crowd.
President Comerford standing in front of the new Courtright plaque, a clear wall with photos.
President Comerford revealing the new donor wall, recreating a photo from 1972 of President Kerr doing the same.

The rest of the afternoon included behind-the-scenes tours of the library, an opportunity to contribute to the oral history project, a self-guided tour called the ‘Right Path (which you can still enjoy, as it will be up through the end of the year), and a luncheon. It was as very enjoyable afternoon, and a wonderful start to the next 50 years of the Courtright Memorial Library.

Members of the Courtright Family standing in front of the new donor wall with President Comerford
Members of the Courtright family with President Comerford.