Long Night Against Procrastination on November 17th

Posted Nov 11, 2022

The Long Night Against Procrastination will be on November 17th, 6pm-9pm, throughout the entire library. This program is an opportunity to get a head start on preparing for final exams and final papers, with a number of different sessions designed to help with that. The full list of sessions is below. This program is INST approved, with FYE sessions throughout the evening as well. The Long Night Against Procrastination is an annual program run by the Courtright Memorial Library, the Academic Support Center, the Counseling Center, and Student Success and Career Development.

At the Long Night Against Procrastination, the Writing Center and Chemistry Learning Center will be open with extended hours, staying open throughout the entire Long Night event. The Math Lab will also be open the entire time. There will be a spin the wheel drop-in table with Student Success and Career Development where you can get some prizes. There will also be the following scheduled sessions:


BIO 2010 Study Session

NURS 2400/2600 Study Session

BIO 1810 Study Session

FYE Event – Mental Health

Jumpstart Your Research Paper

Benefits of Creativity – Book Flowers and Hexaflexagons


FYE Event – Scheduling

It’s Easy, It’s Free, It’s Zotero

Benefits of Creativity – Book Flowers and Hexaflexagons


BIO 1810 Study Session


FYE Event – Exam Prep

We hope you will come to the Long Night Against Procrastination!