Spring Becker Gallery Artist: Jennifer Overholser

Posted Jan 24, 2023

Spring semester brings a new artist to the Becker Gallery on the lower level – Jennifer Overholser! About her exhibit, Jennifer says:

“My artwork captures moments in a way similar to how we experience them- quick and fleeting. Not all the details are clear, but the idea is fully described on the canvas. Sometimes details are pushed aside in favor of a bold brush stroke or an exaggerated color, symbolizing how our minds fool us into remembering things the way we want them to be.

A brick wall with five pieces of art hanging on it. There are stones at the bottom of the wall, then a smaller divider and blue carpet showing.
The Becker Gallery with Jennifer’s artwork hung.

Each brushstroke documents my artistic journey and captures the energy of the brush as it moves across the surface. Using oil paints and palettes knives gives my work enough texture that a viewer may look at is as an object and not just a picture. Viewers can expect more than a material object from my paintings. They are conversation pieces that capture both memories and experiences.

After graduating from Otterbein in 2016 with a BA in Visual Communication and Painting, I moved to Greenville, Ohio where I now reside with my husband, Josh, who I met at Otterbein. Though Greenville is a rural area, I have found that the arts are not only alive and well there, they are fully embraced and encouraged. My work is represented by PennyJane Art Co. in Coldwater, OH and I am currently President of the Greenville Art Guild. In addition to painting, I am the Marketing Specialist for EverHeart Hospice where I am grateful to use my skills as a graphic designer.”

We hope you take the time to visit the Becker Gallery to see Jennifer’s beautiful artwork. It will be up through spring semester.