Allied Health – Six Dimensions of Wellness

Posted Jun 30, 2020

Six Dimensions Wellness 1

Enhancing wellness is foundational to the Master of Science in Allied Health program at Otterbein and is also important in our daily lives. The National Wellness Institute highlights the six dimensions of wellness in the model depicted (Hettler, 1976). The model is used to extend the view of health and wellness beyond the physical to include social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational health. Each of the dimensions of wellness is interactive and impact overall quality of life. It is essential to incorporate daily activity and reflections to enhance your personal wellness during the current COVID pandemic. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that all adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity or a combination of both each week. Examples of moderate activity include walking, dancing, or playing outdoor sports. Taking an 11 minute walk each day may add 1.8 years to your life (Lee, 2003)!  Otterbein is fortunate to be located in Westerville and be a part of a city that values wellness. The City of Westerville has provided a number of virtual, free recreational activities to enhance physical wellness and also provide social interaction. In addition, the National Wellness Institute provides exercises to reflect on your emotional wellness and what you may want to enhance as you create your personal goals. Taking even 10 minutes to be mindful each day can drastically reduce your stress levels and lead to greater enjoyment in your work, play, and relationships. Please see the links provided to include wellness activities into your daily routine.

The City of Westerville, Virtual Recreation.

The National Wellness Institute, Wellness Tools.

MSAH Graduate Director Erica Van Dop